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How to use the engines in standard,path tracer and hybrid?what are Their use occasions?

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My understanding is as follows:

Standard engine is fastest when used with simple materials and simple lighting. I think most people use it for exterior scenes.

Path tracer is good for interiors and runs well with complex materials and lights (soft reflections and soft shadows).

Hybrid is similar to Path Tracer in some respects but is better for scenes with water or glass as it calculates refraction much better.

Overall I would say the Hybrid engine gives the most realistic results, but it doesn't work well with the Render Farm software. So I use the Path Tracer engine for all my work.

I'm sure Roy can give you the definitive answer and many other will have their own views.

I understand a little. Thanks!

But path tracer engine is slower than other soft such as keyshot.

Keyshot works in a different way.

It uses a single HDRI to light the object.

I'm sure it is also optimised specifically for object rendering so it doesn't need to perform nearly as many calculations as Accurender.

I feel that nxt  Rendering is too slow and  the effect is not reality   indoor furniture room.

indoor furniture -leather texture -nxt produce beautiful texture effect

you are not using it right.Peter Milner commented.

Peter Milner's rendering picture is very beauteful .Where has the study materials?
Speed of rendering depends on what you're trying to achieve.
I use complex materials and a combination of interior and exterior lighting in all my scenes, so I end up pushing the software to the limit.
Yes, there is software that will create more realistic images, but it costs a heck of a lot more and is far more complicated to use.
I will go on studying.
Peter ,have you some .dwg files of your rendering pictures to sent to me for learning ?
Have a look under the thread "Help with AutoCAD model".
I've posted a simple model there for Alan to play with.

The Hybrid engine is the engine of the future-- it has a sophisticated algorithm which can efficiently calculate difficult lighting situations such as architectural interiors, without having to identify openings (like windows) explicitly.  It can calculate effects such as caustics without any user input.  It is still under development and we are still finding a few kinks, although fewer and fewer.  It is much faster than engines such as Keyshot when applied to difficult lighting situations, yet still fairly competitive (a little slower) with simpler ones.




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