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We're up to Build 0082.  This new major release of the AccuRender and nXt product line now includes a plugin that works entirely within AutoCAD just like previous versions. It's got a ton of new features and is available for free for a while.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

See the Download->AccuRender Studio menu items for more details.

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Which engine?

Path tracer.

As I recall (and I don't remember the details of that engine offhand) the PT makes use of automatic daylight sources so it may have a high error term close to the windows.  Noise will absolutely be an issue with the new stuff.

I've always used it with automatic off and tagged window glass as daylight portal.

Same problem-- daylight portals introduce some inaccuracies whether they're autodetected or manually specified.

Does ArStudio allow for coloured ambient light then? I've noticed that the overall colour has less blue in it.

That's a good question-- sky saturation is only available for hdr's right now (I think).  I should probably add it to the standard sky interface.  It's likely there internally.  That is one area of "cheating" that still remains in the product.  Skylight is gradually desaturated as the surfaces become more diffuse.

These went overnight-- I used the channels to reduce the artificial lighting to real-world values.  I narrowed the beam angles on the spots to 20 degrees-- they are definitely a bit harsh at that.

Ich habe hier jetzt auch die neueste Version 086 herunter geladen und bin fleissig am testen. Verry Good.

Wird es da Programm auch mal in deutsch geben??

No estimate on release date for foreign language versions.  You'll have to deal with the English language version for a little while longer.

Just released 0093.  This fixes a crash bug that can occur on certain systems when the ArStudio command is used but the legacy product has not been loaded (by typing nXt, for example).

I've just been looking at a video fly round I built in 2003 on Accurender. It's great to see it's back.

I don't suppose by the slimmest of chance you're going to build it to fit into the AutoCAD for Mac version are you? I've got some legacy versions of AutoCAD for Windows but it'd be a serious pain in the proverbials





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Dear All- I purchased a license for Nxt back in 2011- I migrated to AutoCAD 2013 2 years later- I have recently changed my system with the same AutoCad 2013- When I try to renew my AccuRender Ver 1.0.358, it does not accept the original 30 numeralCode.- I know that we need to renew the software if we are using a new AccuRender.- Therefore, since I cannot renew until it is approved by the management, where can I find theolder AR5 64 Bit version to reinstall.Thanks!!!BirdmanSee More
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