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Adding materials to an AutoCAD Architecture 2018 model

I am a newbie to nXt.  I used Accurender 2.0 - 4.0.

Things have changed!

I am a high school teacher and will use nXt for AutoCAD Architecture 2018 this year.  Next year I have Sketch Up and Revit project students will work on.

I am having a hard time assigning materials to ACA objects.  I have used  this method that Rich sent me, but it assigns the same material to all objects.

In the project I am playing with now, I have 3 types of walls with different exterior materials: Stone, stucco and wood siding.

How do you assign a different material to each wall type.  I have them on 3 different layers and 3 different wall styles.

Also, how do you add materials to embedded objects, like fascias, window frames, door frames, etc...  (I use to assign materials based on the color of different objects, but I understand that is not used anymore.)

Thanks for the help in advance!!!




I typed in StyleManager in AutoCAD Architecture, ACA, and made these choices:



That put stone on the roof.


Then I did this:



And that put River Rock on the walls:



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I don't have all the details at my fingertips-- but you do have to play ball with ACA to make this work-- I also can't tell how much of the following you've actually done.

You probably need a wall style for each wall type.  You'll also need to create new ACA materials for each wall style-- at least for the exposed surfaces.  At that point you can assign a render material (nXt material) to each ACA material.  It should keep them straight when you do that.




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