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My boss is on the fence as to whether or not we should purchase nXt.  We are a manufacturing company and we need to generate a ton of images of our products.  He's waiting for me to produce an image that convinces him that nXt is the way to go.  I personally have been using CAD, modeling in 3D and rendering for the past 25 years.  That being said I was hoping to see if someone might want to take up the challenge of producing an image for me that would knock my bosses socks off.  With all of the other responsibilities I have in the office I just don't have the time to adjust lighting... render... adjust reflections... render... adjust lighting.... render... adjust reflections... render... adjust material... render... so on and so on.


Anyone up for the challenge?  I was just hoping that someone might have a typical environment with great lighting that they could drop a model into and produce something rather quickly.  The model only has three or four materials.  I'll attach the appropriate files if anyone shows interest.


I know it's probably asking a lot but I figure it never hurts to ask.




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Hi Chas,

Did you get a chance to post the model?  Is this where I would find it?

Send me an e-mail to the address I left you.

This is where I will post it so you and others can take a look if they want as well. I didn't post it yet as I am adjusting the lighting so you do not need to make further adjustments in the nXt editor to the final renderings. I'm doing an experiment to see if the multiplier in the editor for lighting channels has a direct correlation to the strength of the lighting and/or fixtures.

How did it turn out?

Hey Charles,

I never did receive the model.

I uploaded it to Roy earlier to repost through their upload link. I thought it was probably to large of a file to attach to a post.
Don't think I ever got it.  Try again.
Here's the link.


Open the file and start a rendering. After a few passes open the channels dialog box. Now manually set the channel #1 to 10. Now close the dialog.

once a few more passes have went by open the channels dialog again. This is where I get an error message and it breaks the channels dialog. I can still make adjustments to the final rendering in the editor but changes from here no longer work.

I hope I explained it so it can be repeated.

It definetely has t odo with manually changing one of the channels above the slider limit of "5".

Thanks-- got it.




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