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I just opened an older interior model in AR5 that I last worked on in Acad2004 and AR4.  There are a bunch of AR3 "daylight" fixtures over all the exterior wall openings.  They don't appear in the AR5 Lights list, and they don't appear to doing anything when I render in AR5.  I'm guessing the nXt platform wasn't set up to handle those (for some reason I'd never be able to understand... so don't bother explaining).  What I'd like to know is whether there is something in AR5 that might be called an equivalent type of light source.


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Put a pane of glass in your window. Assign a clear material to it. Select the pane of glass and in Accurender Object Properties select "Daylight Portal".

If you've modelled the pane of glass as a thin surface or region, then also select "Thin" in the object properties.

I would also suggest that the clear material you use has an IOR of 1.0. It'll speed up the calculations.

Great!  I'm guessing there's someplace in the AR5 manual or in Al Hart's book that describes solutions like this... True?




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"Are there any lights in displayed in the Lights list in your model? If so than the Channels button should show the list of lighting channels:"
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