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I have just updated my nXtRender to run with AutoCAD 2018 (build arnxt64_0358-QD24), and have noticed that materials do not get applied to objects in xrefs.

I normally render my models by loading them as an xref into a rendering file - that way the master model is not burdened with materials or additional data, staying clean for further use in manufacturing. I have used this method with Acad 2015/16 & 17 without much problem.

Testing the same model with Acad 2017 this morning showed no problems were found - same model & same version of nXt.

So.... is there a variable in 2018 that would cure this? Visretain is not it (tried from previous forum topic advice).

Or is this a nXt problem?

The model was created yesterday in 2018, so it not a legacy issue. If I Bind the xref, the problem goes away, but this destroys the point of using an xref.


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I doubt if any of the nXt code changed.  A quick search reveals a setting called XREFOVERRIDE-- I would try that one to start.


Thanks - alas this is not the answer.

Interestingly the preview in "Walkabout" shows the materials, but the rendering doesn't.

This may or may not be related-- not sure.  Like I said, it's very unlikely that we changed the code for 2018.  Rich may be willing to take a look, but I'm not too optimistic.  

We didn't have to change much for AutoCAD 2018. But they may have changed something in the ARX SDK for AutoCAD 2018 that has affected this.

I'll have to try to duplicate this and see if I can track down what is different in 2018.

My problem is that I never used xrefs, so I'm not familiar with how to set them up. I will have to learn how to do that.


I can let you have any number of xrefed model to try if you need.


Yes, if you could send me a small model and the xref for testing, I could see if I can duplicate the problem here, running it through both 2017 and 2018.

Can you email it me at





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