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Does ArStudio work with AutoCAD 2019 yet?

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The latest version posted on our downloads page should notice that AutoCAD 2019 is installed and should work with AutoCAD 2019.

Is that version

When I try to use it, it says it needs updating to version

Sorry-- Rich was confused as is responding to something else.  Definitely let it update to build 100 for arstudio. I don't think it will work with 2019 yet, I haven't done anything.  You can try netloading the version used for 2018.  It may work but may require you to netload each time.

Where can I find build 100?

Run the standalone arstudio from the start menu and agree to the update -- OR-- run the program called UpdateManager from the folder called Ar Studio Extras or something like that.

If it doesn't prompt you to update-- you've already got 100 and you're all set.

Yes, I've got it working now.

The download link on this site doesn't give you the latest version.

Yep.  I'll change it, but this link will often go "stale" periodically, especially during this rapid development phase.  The product will update it itself as needed so you'll be able to stay current.

Sorry...I need to read these a little more slowly...

It's my fault for putting two posts out at the same time.




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