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Having used Ar3, Ar4 and NXT consistently for production drawings in the last one year, I have come to the conclusion that NXT lacks precise camera controls especially for exteriors. I particularly like the controls in Ar4. Also, Ar3 does a good work of it. However, NXT has a better rendering engine. I often find myself running to Ar4 to contol and save camera views before coming on to render in NXT. Am I missing something or is it yet to come?

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This is one of the views I got with nxt. Great rendering engine but not comfortable on camera. I am unable to ply around with camera positioning in X,Y,Z as well as camera angle - wide to telephoto. Attached image is flat consequently.

I suggest inserting AutoCad from top view, and using the properties tab (while selecting the camera) to adjust the heights (camera and target) and focal length. Bring the camera view into the viewport and using 3dwalk to fine tune. Load up walkabout window and bring in the current AutoCad view (which is the fine tuned camera view), set your resolution and click to render.
As to cars I use RPC's and for light fixtures, I modelled (or download some from here) and insert Nxt lights. AR3/4 lights (in nxt) never seems to give satisfactory result as far as am concern.

pls how do yu import the cars into acad from where you use to download the cars( bcos i tried it but splits the models

Type 3dsin in autocad command prompt.

Add all

Then remove global settings and camera


Then OK.

Another way is to use Nxt widget.

See image.

Browse for the and you are home free.


Either way be sure to do it in a blank drawing and not your model in case of a crash and also where the scale is wrong you can correct it, save and the file is always there to use another day.

thanks, when i tried the first method,some parts are missing, and cant find the camera yu said i shold remove. but the second method from nxt, imports its well but all with the same layer blocks in which i can not assign materials to it.

In the material, tab you should see the materials, it is either you edit those or you you try exploring the model and assigning it to different layers as it is ok for you.


If the second method works then the first should, you just happen to have missing some steps or try with another downloaded model.

Please start another discussion to talk about this topic!  This does not belong in a thread related to the camera tool.

Akin, I know what you are saying but it should not be so cumbersome just to set up a camera view. If you have used Max or Cinema 4d you will understand what I am talking about better. Camera views need to be the easiest to set up so as to do multiples test renders in a jiffy.
Actually I do from the days of 3ds Max 3.1. So Roy over to you!
It seem you are using parallel projection for this rendering. Try to type Perspective and give 1 in line command input.




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