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I have a issue (maybe bug?) happening when sending renderings to farm.  It is happening with only one dwg file - terrain (everything in attachment) - when it is sent to farm it takes very long to produce model for farm (10 minutes) and file *.nxtmodel for farm model is HUGE (over 10 GB). Terrain is quite simple modeled as mass group (couple of mass elemets grouped together), also I tried to convert terrain to 3D solid which it didn't help at all (*.nxtmodel size dropped to 8 GB). But when I export dwg to plain dwg, everything works fine. Can you look at it, Roy?

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Thanks.  I may not get to it for a day or so.

OndraZ, I tried your model here without any issues. The models translated, loaded and rendered all under 2mins on a 2 computer farm. All 3 files acted the same as well. I rendered them at 1700x1100.

Thanks for trying, Garret. I tried the file I've sent again...and I'm still getting huge model (now 5GB) - see printscreen in attachment. Autocad Architecture 2010, Win 7 Pro 64 bit, nXtFarm 276


Here;'s what I am getting using the 'MG' version of the file. There is quite a difference for sure! 


AutoCAD Architecture 2012, Win XP 64 bit, nxt Farm 276


So after some time I found out what was the problem. If mass group has decal applied -> nXtmodel is about  over 10 GB. After removing decal, nXtmodel size drops to 205 MB and everything works fine...


Interesting.  I may ask you for a little help in reproducing this when I get back to the office next week.  It may be a bug.




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