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Importing a 3d studio model with textures into NXT?

Akinlolu had a great resource for free 3ds models but I don't know how to import them while keeping the textures attached.  Is there a proper way of doing this or do I need to reapply the jpeg maps? 

I can insert the 3ds model via autocad but no textures.  When I try inserting through the NXT widgets, under textured mesh objects, Autocad crashes. 


I'm using Autocad 2011 and NXT build 249,  Win 7 64




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Now how do we handle something like this?

Nope-- I haven't changed anything.  If the .3ds or .obj has been modeled as separate meshes, exploding will break them apart.  Otherwise it won't do anything.  With many of these models, the breaks don't occur where you would expect them to.  Exploding does retain the texture coords.


Let me get this right on how I should do this.  First you suggest I install the newer version 263?  This won't overwrite any of my already installed materials will it? 

Second, I should insert the 3ds model with the widgets menu(textured mesh objects/add) and reattach the materials? 

Will reattaching materials work with the more complex model shapes that aren't just planar or cylindrical?


First it will not overwrite your previous materials.

Second, Yes!

Third you have to give it a try to find out. 

Upgrading doesn't affect any of the data at all.  You can always go back to a previous version of the software as well by running an older installer.  Yes, use the widgets menu.  You do not "reattach" materials with these objects-- the materials themselves are pre-attached.  Some models, such as the books example, come with a selection of maps that you can add to each material using the Texture tab.  Many come with the maps pre-attached as well.
Hola, yo utiliso objetos de malla insertandolos desde widges de NXT. Los qeu he adquirido por lo general vienes de en MAX, los abro con 3dsmax 2009 de ahi los exporto como OBJ, seleccionando conservar los mapas. Les adjunto unos ejemplos. Saludos
all of these examples seem to be very fine and useful - if these are free, could you please post them here or post them to accustudio?
Ros, desgraciadamente estos ejemplos no son gratuitos. Lo siento. Saludos
Ros en esta direccion puedes encontrar muchos modelos muy buenos y ya estan para poder usarlos en widgets. . Saludos
lo mas importante es qeu son gratuitos...

Jorge tu los importas desde Max como ,obj y luego los insertas con NXT con los widget textured mesh object??? Tienes algun parametro especial a la hora de importarlo porque yo e tratado lo mismo y cuando trato de insertarlo con los widget no lo logro, entonces lo hago como 3ds pero tengo que adjuntar las texturas manualmente? Podrias postear la imagen con los parametros que utilizas en max para importar .obj solo para ver si estoy cometiendo algun error???


Rey, mis archivos son evermotion. Estos ya traen las coordenadas del mapeo, simplemente direcciono la ruta en la cual estan los mapas. despues los exporto como 3DS. Al insertarlo en NXT me crea la lista de materiales necesarios ahi de nuevo selecciono los mapas (uno a uno), tardado? pues 5 minutos aproximadamente. Saludos




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