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pls guys av been trying to map this pix to this solid , i was using object properties and cylindrical decals, am sure am doing something wrong. kindly help. i attached the dwg, the pix and the one that i rendered which is not where am going.

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Reattach drawing. it previews but does not open in autocad



Same problem what version of autocad are you using? Try saving as 2000 before reattaching. 

converted to acad 2000


The drawing reads fine here.  What are you trying to do?  I have no idea what you want the picture to look like and what you're getting instead.

i was trying to map the coke jpeg to the  longer side (curve) of the solid, since i was unable to do it thats why i map it on a box drawn on the curve side. pls check the attachment above.


If you're trying to get the letters to run along the long axis, you'll need to first rotate the map 90 degrees in PhotoShop or eq. and save the rotated bitmap.  (nXt's cylindrical mapping only maps in the other direction, like mapping a label onto a soup can.)  Once you've got your bitmap it's easier to apply if you take a little time to set up a UCS aligned to the cylinder.  Set the Z-Axis equal to the axis of the cylinder, and set the origin to the center of the lower face.  You should be able to cylindrically map the decal at that point.  If you're still having problems let me know.


is still not working thanks.

Here's what I get:


Not sure if this is what you want.  I had to draw a circle at the end of the object to help me out.


Drawing and rotated bitmap attached.


Oops-- not sure I saved the drawing before I attached it.  Try this one.


yes thanks this is what i want.but i did not understand yur procedure of drawing circle(where).

There isn't a fixed procedure-- do whatever you need to help you out.  I drew a circle at the end of your object and aligned the UCS to the circle.  

Adding the decal wasn't difficult, but it did take me five minutes or so with a couple of failed attempts (mostly to do with the UCS, getting the osnaps right, getting the ortho lock right, etc..  All AutoCAD stuff.)




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