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hola necesitaria trabajar mas rapido , tengo una maquina

amd x6  2.8 con 4 gb , mi pregunta es:

1: como tendria que hacer para poner 2 o 3 maquinas trabajando en red

2 : cual es es costo

3 : si en todas las maquinas tienen que estar instaladas las bliblotecas de texturas o solo en la principal,

4 : cual es  la mejor recomendacion de equipo y que  cantidad de memoria para la o las maquinas

5 : si la velocidad se directamente proporcional a la cantidad de equipos ...osea 2 equipos = mitad de tiempo

6 : si es como pienso ya que la traduccion no es del todo fiel , que una misma imagen la procesan varios equipos a la vez

7 : si es asi que pasa si algunas de las maquina se cuelga, si las otras siguen prosesando normalmente esa misma imagen

pd espero poder entendernos

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There isn't a definitive answer to most of these-- you'll need to experiment.  You get a two-node farm for free, so you can try with that.  For more, you'll need to purchase a render farm license (I don't remember how much it is-- but not very much.)  In general, if you mix fast and slow machines on the network you won't get very good results.  The rule of thumb for performance (# of cores X clock speed) still holds-- but the farm does depend (also) on the speed of your network and how much data you're sending around.  You shouldn't need to have materials or other libraries installed on the nodes-- the package it sends around for rendering should be completely self-contained.  




The render farm generally works pretty well-- although I might suggest waiting for my next update (this weekend?) since I haven't updated the farm in a while.  The results should be consistent.  The farm should be pretty robust if machines are crashing, although that shouldn't be happening anyway.





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"Der Tip ist super und goldrichtig. Ich habe bislang immer die alte Version deinstalliert und dann die neue installiert. In Zukunft werde ich dann die neue Version über die alte Version installieren."
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"Okay, I'll just have to work round it by adding a thin glass sheet in front of the decal. I'll see how the farm update goes."
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"The problem, like I said, was in the writing of the data to the farm.  That's done by the main product-- I don't really have any alternative."
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"That's annoying as the reflective decals work fine on my local machine, just not with the farm."
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Roy Hirshkowitz replied to heyuan's discussion HOW TO DO LIKE THIS?
"Tile size is a material property in nXt.  You edit the material and specify the size of each tile in real world units.  The units in your drawing must be set correctly for this to work. Mapping in nXt affects only orientation, not scale."
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