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advanced rendering for AutoCAD

  • Added support for e4 on the render farm (updated the farm as well to 315).
  • Made e4 an "official" choice in the interface under Lighting->Advanced. -- choices are e0 (Standard), e1 (Path Tracer), and e4 (Hybrid).
  • I now pass a frame number to RPCs during animation.  This should make animated RPCs such as fountains work, but it's completely untested.  Let me know if it isn't working.

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How does the RPC part work?

Not sure what you mean.  Just run an animation-- they should work.

Hi Roy, since a little time, I noticed some strange shadows in the water of my pools when I wanted some caustic with the Engine 1. So I did some comparisons and here is what I obtain. Do you know what is happening with the caustic in the Engine1 ? (water is a simple face tagged as "caustic" and not "thin"). (Perhaps do I have to open a new thread)

Here is the dwg, for you, and those who want a water material...


Yes-- it should be in a separate thread.  Looks like a bug.

È in Illuminazione > Avanzato > Engine > Standard-Path Tracer-Hybrid

marco prina said:

i cannot find the choice e0/e1/e4 under advanced tab

marco prina said:

i cannot find the choice e0/e1/e4 under advanced tab

Check the build number for me (Help->About).  I'll try the 32 bit build this morning-- something may have happened.

I found the problem with the build.  It's an r17 problem so it effects Acad 2007-2009.  I'll have a new build shortly.

There's a new build up which should fix the problem.

Ich habe auch mal getestest. So sieht mein Ergebnis aus nach 1500 pases.

Einstellung war Hybrid. Sieht schon gut aus.



I think that in certain cases I still prefer Path Tracer: the transparency is much more realistic (close to real object) than in e4. But darks are much better in e4.




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