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Changed the bump mapping in e4 to match the other engines.  Let me know if this worked.

Also available is Build 003 of the nXt Studio product-- still quite early on.  Should be a bit more stable and can now read .obj and .3dm (Rhino) files.

32 bit nXt Studio

64 bit nXt Studio

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What's nXt Studio?

I have installed it but cannot launch - the system can't find the file called opennurbs.dll. What should I do?


64 bit or 32 bit?

Never mind, try these--

64 bit

32 bit

More info. on the studio product is here.

Thanks, it's working now!

For the first look - it's very interesting aplication. As I understand the main idea of it is to produce the renderings prepared in AutoCad - outside of it, so one can continue the work in AutoCad while the renderings are in progress. But - it's also possible with nXt - when you launch AutoCad in another session, so - why to use nXt Studio? Is this way of work (with independent engine) more effective? Am I right?

A few issues:

1. The navigation is much more confortable and intuitive than nXt Walkabout (which still confuses me). Could you implement it into nXt?

2. The main display works as virtual reality - it's still processing the final image of the model. That's nice, but is it the posibility to turn it of for a while in order to set the view faster and more precise (wireframe or shade) and then turn it on?

3. What's the functional difference between the main window and the render window I can launch from menu/Render? Fixed image proportions only?

4. I think it could be great if the batch renderings utility was available.

5. The material editor looks weird but very promissing (its UI is more logical and intuitive than in nXt).

5. Whats the engine inside? It looks like E4 but the final effect is a bit different - maybe it's just a question of not-exactly-the-same enviroment settings...

6. Few bugs in export from AutoCad (see the files attached).



Que es el nXt Studio??

Not really sure what it's utility will be to existing AR users-- it's meant to be a stand-alone.  It's conceivable some people will enjoy working in its environment for a variety of reasons-- but I don't know yet.  The native .nXtScene input file is a subset of XML-- you can examine it in most browsers, for example.  The thing also reads .obj and .3dm files directly now.  I'm working on SketchUp files.

Probably not going to implement the nav in AutoCAD-- though it's not out of the question.  There is a pause button on the realtime rendering screen.  The render window is modal and has a fixed resolution-- while it is rendering the rest of the product is inaccessible.  The main window rendering restarts everytime you change something and resizes with the application.  You'll be able to do Batch rendering by using an xml startup script for the app.-- it can also render silently, without showing its window.  Engine is e4.

Not sure what you mean by missing objects in test1-- they appear to be missing in test2 as well (?)  The x's in the windows are definitely a concern-- can you either send the file or isolate one of the windows and send it?

More info. on the studio product is here.  Ask again if you still don't understand.

Jorge Lara Domínguez said:

Que es el nXt Studio??

Gracias por tan pronta respuesta. Saludos

Thanks a lot for detailed explanation. The "missing objects" is my mistake, sorry. But what about missing decal on the ground? The X shapes in the windows come from the woodwork built by the polylines with width and thickness (instead solids). I will send the model tommorow.

No decals in the nXt Studio product.  I'm trying to bring the thing more into line with industry standards-- materials are generally used for this purpose.

Can these links be put in the download/buy page as searching for this tread in the near future might not be easy.

Roy Hirshkowitz said:

Never mind, try these--

64 bit

32 bit

More info. on the studio product is here.

Not yet-- no.  This stuff is still experimental.  Only for use by good friends.  Working on the SketchUp reader now.




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