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I am a new user of nXT, have used Accurender for years (AR4).  Trying to render some poles that are made up of 3D faces, it renders fine in old AR4/Acad2004, but with nXT and Acad 2019 (or 2018) I am getting a very sketchy or corrugated render, without any materials applied.

Is there a setting I'm missing in ACAD or nXT?

I tried redrawing pole as a 3D primitive with 3D faces or solid and get the same result.

I want the pole to be faceted (8 sided) not smooth and round.

Attached is Acad file and render jpg.

The ACAD render command is giving a similar result so I'm thinking it may be an ACAD setting.

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Suspecting that the coordinates of the objects were way off in space, I used the MOVE command to move the objects to (0,0,0).

That cleaned up the rendering in both Acad and nXt.

Try that.

Interesting....that works, thanks. we may have to set up a different coord system then. We are using data with StatePlane coords from engineering and GIS files.  Interesting that AR4 works fine with the same file (saved down to Acad2004).




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