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advanced rendering for AutoCAD

Build 008 --

More complete material-based lighting.  Objects can become emitters using material properties.

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Build 009

New build featuring a new look and feel.  This product is an early demo-- just for fun-- not to be confused with nXtRender for AutoCAD which is a rebranding of the original.

Here's an example of the material-based lighting introduced in Build 008:

Hi Roy - just for fun I tried the new build 9 64 version on completely clean new machine, and got error "The program can't start because ArObjects.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem". This happened when trying to open an sketchup file.

Just tried with an obj export from sketchup and it works great

Hmmm.... interesting that nobody tried this-- I released the skp stuff months ago.  I can fix this very easily, give me a few minutes.

There's a new 64-bit installer that should fix this.  Let me know when you get a chance.

Thanks Roy it now works.

Hi Roy how can I open a Project that I do in cad with Nxt in NXT Studio I need to save in special format

Use the AutoLisp command (nxtwrite) to create a .nXtScene file.  You can also load .rhp, .obj and .skp directly.

Thanks Roy!!!!!!!

Roy I can't find the (nxtwrite) in nxtstudio file

Open AutoCAD and load your model, then at the command line type (nxtwrite) include the parentheses and it will allow you to export the model to a .nXtScene file. 

Thanks Daniel




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Daniel Hargreaves replied to Daniel Hargreaves's discussion coMotion 2.0 014
"I will look into it. That should give me enough to work with since the crash happens at the the selection of picking the camera path. I will see if I can reproduce it."
19 hours ago
Alfons Akamp replied to Daniel Hargreaves's discussion coMotion 2.0 014
"Hi DanielYes, this happens in all drawings of Acad 2017. In other versions of Acad I do not have this problem.When I call comonxt and then the camera path clicks this error message:Command:CoMOTION Settings updatedStart Animation ...Camera and…"
23 hours ago
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Daniel Hargreaves replied to Daniel Hargreaves's discussion coMotion 2.0 014
"If you can give a little more information to work with...  Does this happen in all models in 2017? When does it crash? when you launch or at some other point? Anything else related to the crash, more details the better Thanks."
Alfons Akamp replied to Daniel Hargreaves's discussion coMotion 2.0 014
"I have a problem with Comotion 015.The cooperation with Acad 2017 unfortunately does not work.Comotion 015 crashes. Why?????? Ich habe ein Problem mit Comotion 015.Die Zusammenarbeit mit Acad 2017 funktioniert leider nicht.Comotion 015 stürtzt…"
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Render Farm - Stop rendering

Another useful function would be to be able to stop a rendering immediately without having to wait for the tasks to finish. I often send something to the Farm and then realise soon after that something needs changing. My only options then are to either wait for the tasks to complete, which could be hours, or shut down Render Farm and restart it.See More
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i do like the easy way with nxt

just a little bit of photoshop is in there. if you are able to recognize the 5 mistakes - we have to talk ;)have a nice day!See More

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