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Is there any chance, along with numeric lightness and contrast controls, to have also controls similar to classic camera, such as diaphragm fStop, shutter speed and film sensitivity, with rendering results close to photographer's experience?


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Hmm, clear and laconic answer :)
And why is that, if I may ask?
It's a lot of work for not much payback.

Many of the traditional film-based stuff such as ISO #'s and dark room techniques are going away as digital photography progresses (we're not too far away from very large latitude photo-receptors that should be able to capture HDR directly without bracketing.)

Any of these things can certainly be modeled-- but fewer and fewer of our users will really understand how these work anyway. For example, the relationship of Depth of Field to the dimension of the film, the lens length, the fstop is very complex and difficult to predict even for a knowledgable photographer. Most of our users will have no idea how to use these.
Thanks, Roy.
So, but I find that working with camera LENS is more confortable, and usefull than with FOV. In real life we talk about the lens, and never about FOV. Is it a big work to change or to add this setting?
Maybe we are the last "analog camera dinosaurs" still alive, Marc :-)
Nope-- it's trivial. It's also not going to happen.




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"1-  On the Rendering Tab there is a popdown called Destination.  The option is called something like "Local Out of Process".  2-  No, installation will require admin access."
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"Yep-- the groundplane in ArStudio should be turned on in that case-- but you will get a rectangle which may need to be sized.  If it's not turning on, that's probably a bug."
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"Not to worry. I've just seen that ArStudio has its own version of a ground plane. It just doesn't translate the old nXt one."
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"Sorry-- just got back into town last night.  Infinite objects aren't supported in ArStudio-- so yes-- the ground plane has to be represented by a finite object, in this case a rectangle.  You don't have to use mine, you can use…"
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