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Questions on problems encountered with accurender studio

1.Have you released a version that can accept jpeg ?
2.Is the speed of the last version you created, higher than
that of the first version ?
3.Why cant we easily update to the latest version ?
4.Why cant we use the background function to place things
behind the windows for interior rendering ?
5.I must really commend you because this software has a future
and if improved upon, can become the best rendering software in
the industry. I currently use vray for my production and will
like accurender studio to be faster than vray or corona.
6.In the next version, i dont know if you can add a window for tweaking
curves, contrast, saturation and the likes, like in photoshop.
7.For production, how many hours will a 3000pix resolution take on an
8gb ram, core i5 system.
In vray, i usually use 3-4hrs to render a 3000pix job but in accurender
studio, for 900pix resolution,i have to use 24hrs on the same system.
Thats why its very impractical for me to use accurender studio for production.
8.The render engine seems to be like mental ray in 3dsmax. I think you
should leverage on the latest technologies pertaining to render engines.
There should be faster scripts and programs, new thesis projects on this
9.Thank you so much.

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Good day Sir,

I just updated accurender studio to the latest version and found out that most of my questions have been answered.

I can see the increase in speed, the update speed, material library ui and the speed of the rendering.

Please Roy, keep it up. This is a good job. 

Thank you.

Really nice work-- is the modeling done in AutoCAD?  If so, consider creating a gallery of your work and submitting this photo.  Photos have to be approved, but generally speaking work of this quality will be.

For some of your original questions:

If you want to place a background photo behind window glass, make sure the Thin property is checked in the glass material.  This is the recommended way to model flat architectural glass.  You can also do compositing yourself by saving the image as a .png with alpha.  This is a little more involved and will require a tool such as Photoshop.

There is an image editor available that has some of the properties you would like to see.  It isn't intended to be a photoshop replacement.




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