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Ones I open the drawing I type nxt then the error comes, I open the drawing with another build and the error comes anyway.

And it is only this drawing?

yes.. this the only drawing tha that I have this error but the strange thing is that went I rendered with other build it happens the same error..

There must be a bad material or object within the scene causing the crash. Same another copy of the drawing and delete items one at a time and purge then render again until you discover the offending object.

the post toma 17 (apr 8)  is the same drawing but from above but somehow I was trying to change the camera view and make another render and then " error " happens, is strange because I render that drawing before. I send toma 5 and toma 6 went I could render the drawing but now I cant.


you wont believe this, I erase the drawing but the still  " error " there I type nxt then the error come in again, I believe the drawing is damage....

Ok.. what I did was I copy the original drawing and make another file with a diferent name and save it, then I open the copy file and renderer, so guest what no "error" came in, I guest the original drawing is damage..?? but thanks for the help....!!

Still try purging and audit/recover the original drawing, it might just fix the damage.

I try recover the drawing but nothing happens so I preserve the original drawing hopping someday will found what happens, in the mean time I use the second copy that  is fully funtional.....! thanks anyway..

You are welcome.




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Peter Milner replied to Peter Milner's discussion mapping decals
"Thank you. I think I jumped from AutoCAD 2011 to 2018 which is when I noticed the problem."
Jun 14
Rich Hart replied to Peter Milner's discussion mapping decals
"Panning while placing decals doesn't work for me in any version starting with AutoCAD 2015 and later. Panning does work in AutoCAD 2013. I'll see if I can figure out what changed and see if we can fix that."
Jun 13
Roy Hirshkowitz replied to chegs's discussion help with thumbnails
"This is from searching "Material Thumbnails".  Normally the installer takes care of all of this, occasionally we get some hiccups,  It's a little complicated, so let me know if you get stuck. Try the following: Make sure…"
Jun 13
chegs posted a discussion

help with thumbnails

Hi, i know it's been discussed in another posts, but i couldn't find how to see the material thumbnails. How can i achieve that? Thank youSee More
Jun 12
Peter Milner posted a discussion

mapping decals

I think this started with AutoCAD 2019:While in the process of mapping a planar decal, it is not possible to pan, only zoom.This can make the process of picking points a bit tricky sometimes.I'm currently using AutoCAD 2020 on Windows 7.See More
Jun 11
Roy Hirshkowitz replied to S. Jaisimha's discussion Advanced Material Editor preview background
"Interesting issue-- I don't have 2019 to test here but we haven't heard of this yet from other users.  I'll have Rich take a closer look when he gets back on Tuesday. Do the other material editor types (not Advanced, e.g. Solid…"
Jun 7
S. Jaisimha replied to S. Jaisimha's discussion Advanced Material Editor preview background
"There is no change after adding the path in the nXt Options dialog search path. Still the white background persists. The "nXtMaterialEditor.exe" in the AutoCAD Application Plugins folder as well as the "C:\Program Files\AccuRender…"
Jun 6
S. Jaisimha replied to S. Jaisimha's discussion Advanced Material Editor preview background
"It is actually the same system. I have both 2018 and 2019 running on it. I will try the search path thing."
Jun 6

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