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Hi everyone. I've been working with accurender 4, I bought nxt, my only problem for the moment is where are all plants of the library?, I need palms and yuccas for my render, what can I do? I apreciate your help.

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In Download/buy the plant library is high lighted in blue

install them .

you need to go to plant editor to create your Yuccas

Thank you so much Mike.

nXt doesn't come with the same plant library.  You can use the legacy plant library, the procedure is outlined here, at the bottom of the page.  Make sure you follow all of the instructions, particularly those related to the plants, plant materials, and maps.  Let us know if you need more help.

Thank you so much Roy.

Martha, tambien puedes utilizar plantas RPC, utilizando el RPC plugin de Archvision para la versión de Autocad que estes usando, siempre y cuando dispongas de la librería de plantas de Archvision RPC. Crear las plantas  con el editor de plantas no es trivial y requiera un poco de entrenamiento  y ensayo y error para lograr lo que deseas.



Muchas gracias por tu comentario Alejandro, lo tomaré en cuenta. Saludos.




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