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I just got done trying to render a model I've been working on. The glass in the rendering was no longer transparent. I found that since the new version of nxt with sub-surface scattering has changed my glass material to have sub-surface scattering and attenuation were set to 20 and 30 cm.

Is this normal or a glitch.


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The 0.2 appears when you bring in an existing glass material, though I don't know what setting is creating it. Was there an attenuation setting before? Maybe it was there but the effect was not so dramatic.
Yep.  It was always a setting in the material.  That's what I mean by saying I'll make the default unit for the thing 1 meter so you likely won't notice it in the future.  However-- it still does require additional calculation so you should get rid of it in materials where it isn't necessary.

I really just moved some stuff around on the page.  Your material, like Peter's, already had some attenuation which crept in there.  The only additional setting is the Direction one.  I'm likely going to break the old Translucency setting and the new Scattering setting into two settings so this stuff is going to change again in a few days.

I'm also, like I said, going to change the default units attached to Attenuation which should make the material behave like before.  I still recommend removing any attenuation you find in architectural glass.

Remember, you can always revert to 253 if you don't want to deal with this stuff yet.

I'll stick right here. I'm just a dense old coot who learns a little slower than most.I'll do a little experimenting and be right back on track.

Thanks Roy

For an old coot you seem to really enjoy life on the bleeding edge....




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