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In my last image I had an issue, that I can´t solve.

In the intersection betwinn, the wall and the selling, many spots off ligth can be seen, it appers that the sun ligth leak througth the wall and the selling. See the image attached.

That can´t be, because I use solid to make both objects, and has no space between.

The settings I used are:

Engine Hibrid.

Sky - Auto

Sun - On.

Indirect Bounces 1.0

Color Bleed 1.0

Disable Caustics OK.

Reflective Bouces 3

Refrative Bounces 8

Fog Enable - Scattering 0,70.

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Check the units setting in the drawing.  Type _DDUNITs and make sure that the insertion units match the model.

as well as checking the units ,change the render engine to standard.

Roy, Mike, thanks four your help, I change the units, now both are centimeter, and change the render engine to standard, change too the sun position, disable fog, and caustics, put sun and sky intensity at 0.10, and cloudness at 0.78.

But the ghost light stiil there.

See image atached.

I have made many changes in the ligthning settings last week, maybe one or more of this settings are wrong, were  can I find the defaut settings?

Again thanks for tfhe help.


The settings are fine-- measure the drawing and make sure the units are actually centimeters and not millimeters or meters.  If you still can't figure it out, you can send it to me.

The drawing units and the AUTOCAD units now are the same, and the render image are looking fine, no more ghost ligths.

Another problen I fix, was the material texture scale stored with  the blocks, that I inserted into the drawing, they now macth with the AUTOCAD units, the outcome now are good.

Roy, thanks for your help.




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