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RPCs in should now scale properly in R17.

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RPC are OK in this build.


Yes, autocad 2008, win xp32 and build 230: rpc are ok !
- maximoto -

And very good, that the language files are xml, so I can edit some things for myself, if I need it.
Good work Roy !
- maximoto -
The language files will be replaced frequently for a while-- you'll likely lose any edits you make. After a couple more builds, please report any localization problems.
The main thing is, you leave the languages to change if I want. So I can see first the words in german, then change for english and ask what I want in english in the forum here. It is much easier than trying to find the right words for special expressions about lights, materials and so on.
I am very often "grrrrrrrrr" about bad german translations and I better work with the original english version - but Your way in nXt is the best one I think.
- maximoto -
If you have any suggestion to improve the translations, please contact us and we will make the appropriate changes. User feedback is really appreciated.


Hallo Roy

Es ist schön,das es jetzt AR5 in deutsch gibt. Super gemacht aber leider sind auch in Build 230 noch Bugs, z.B mit dem Speicher, Dateien die grösser sind als 180 MB stürzen ab und auch Comotion 011 macht nach wie vor leider Probleme.
Im alten Forum habe ich euch mal die Fehlermeldungen als Sreenshot zugeschickt. Was ist daraus geworden????
Wann kommen Wolken??

Insgesamt ist das aber schon gut, vor allem weil ich es jetzt endlich im deutsch habe.


Works fine and great...rpc ok...Thanks Roy...Please how about Comotion?...yes i know that Daniel works in it ...




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"0296 is up-- includes New... options for light channels."
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"0295 is up, includes scale factor for preview image and stop after # passes.  Haven't gotten to New light channel option in Lights interface yet.  Check it out if you have a chance (no worries if not.)"
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"It's an easy feature to add, but I'm pretty sure with this new version you'll find a time constraint to be more reliable.  The rendering below is probably done already, with a noise filter, or close to it."
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