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Dear Friends.

Could some one help me in defining an adequate hardware for the next generation of software?

I am not able to install many programs due to harware limitations (specially Graphics Card) I understand that I should make a good investment.

Thanks for all in advance.

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Which software would you like to run?  Keep in mind that this is an AccuRender nXt forum-- discussions need to somehow be related or will be deleted.

Hi Roy.

I have in mind all the BIM software of Autodesk and use accurender for Revit for presentations. Our main client is asking us to shift to Revit or any other BIM program. I am still interested in doing some work for other clients with Autocad. But the little volume of work in Spain is pushing us to change.

Windows 7 64bits should be the base.

There are probably better places to ask this question-- there are a few Revit forums for example.  I don't think the answer will be much different than if you were running AutoCAD, though.

What software is refusing to install due to graphics card issues?


Yes Roy you are right.

I found some specifications in Autodesk web site for Revit and their major aplications. My problem is with software designed for Cuda technology . I belive that Accurender has nothing to do with this kind of issues. Sufficient ram and good processor are the major criteria. Is a dual processor configuration useful? I suppose that the new quadro 4000 card could be the value for money, it has sufficient power for moving models with high number of polygons. My graphic card is a quadro fx 1500. I have problems with real time zooming and using my space pilot 3d mouse when I manage models. I have seen the Accustudio benchmarks and the configurations there are not up to date. If I find something useful I will share it with you. I think I will do it in reverse. I will look for good hardware for windows 7 64 bits first.

For Cuda stuff you'll likely want a mid to high-end nVidia card.  Hardware recommendations for nXt have been discussed pretty extensively, but the upshot is a good index is # of cores x clock speed.  My guess is that the # of cores doesn't matter much either for Revit or Cuda apps-- although Revit's internal rendering engine may use multiple cores.

Remember that it's very difficult to invest in the "future" when you're talking about new stuff, such as GPUs.  You can only invest in the present.  The technology is changing rapidly, so likely whatever you purchase will be obsolete pretty soon.




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