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SOME OPERATION QUIESTIONS And Merry Christmas for all of you

I would like to ask Roy many operation questions.

1- Are you going to add ground plane hight like old accurender version?

If not now we could move it?  Is posible to add some funccion to move it through object properties?

2- Are you going to adda sun location calculator, or should we rely on Autocad's sun location calculator? I meen when I want to find Madrid's location.

3- How I could remove an unused material from my material selection? I mean the materials you may select but not use in your rendering.

4- How we could edit plants properties, specially hight and growth? How we could do it once we introduced the Plant in autocad drawing. I mean like old accurender we used an edit plant funccion in the program.

Thank you very much.

Merry Christmas.

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  1. Move as you will do other autocad objects.
  2. ...
  3. By purging the drawing (then right click and refresh in the material list plane)
  4. Use the Plant Editor (Start, All Programs, Nxt, Plant Editor)





  1. ....
  2. If you use exterior lighting preset, you have options of latitude, longitude tone daylight time etc

Let's see-- no maps or city lists--- if that's what you mean.  Plants can be scaled in AutoCAD or the plant file can be edited externally.  Akinlolu's answers are correct for the others.




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