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Hi Roy, when rendering an interior with standard glass-smooth nxt material applied I'v got the image with black shadows insteadof the real image. And if I freeze the glass layer everything look great (as it should be!).

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Make sure the units are correct and that the model is not too far from the origin.  If that doesn't work you'll need to send the model so I can take a look.  Which engine?

Nothing to do with this problem, but not sure what you mean by "standard glass-smooth".  If it's one of the old AR glass materials you probably shouldn't use it.  Also, the refraction in your windows is incorrect.  Make sure the glass is tagged as thin if it's modeled with a single sheet.

Units are correct and the model is very close to the origin. The material used for the glass is attached. I'll make the model the lighter I can in order to send it.


Use the upload link-- it can handle large models.

Which engine are you using?

Model is uploading. I'm using engine 1

I'm not sure I completely understand why-- but when I tag all the glass objects as "Thin" (which is the right setting) the rendering seems to be correct.

Probably something went wrong during the design. I'm now drawing all the glasses again!

No reason to do that.  Just tag them as thin-- they're fine.  It took 10 seconds with QSELECT.

Playing with this one a little more-- in this case using nXtStudio (hybrid engine).  There is a units problem-- unrelated to your original problem-- that I occasionally see in older models.  For some reason the model was using mm's instead of the reported meters.  To fix this, I changed the INSUNITS from 6 to 4 and then back to 6 (meters) again.  The brick and granite materials then appeared correct-- glass is still Thin.

I have NO idea on what INSUNITS does. I thought that all xref, blocks etc. inserted into the model would autoscale accordingly to the model's units. Seems not to be like this... Thanks Roy!

It's the system variable that contains the model's units for scaling block and xref insertions-- and the one that we use.  It's normally reliable, but occasionally fails on older models.




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