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Hi everyone, I'm an architect and this is the kind of project presentation I usually work on.
Until 2 weeks ago I only worked with AutoCad 2006 and AccuRender 3.1 266 and just got the NXT version to work on AutoCad 2012. So I need to relearn many things because NXT is quite different and I do not know yet how I can take advantage of my 3d blocks with the textures and materials applied, it seems that I will have to redo everything ...
I'm slowly trying to get back to the presentation level I had before. I count on you to help me and thank you right away, and I apologize for my English from Google rsrs.

Architect Paula Suarez

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Hello Paula
You do not need to re-assign the textures of your 3D blocks. It is enough, if you have AR5 as well AR3 installed on your computer.
The only thing that is important, you must tell AR5 the paths where AR5 is looking for the materials.
I have installed here on my computer AR3, AR4 and AR5.
No matter what version I work, the materials on my 3D blocks are always correctly recognized, provided the search path is set correctly.

Hallo Paula
Du brauchst die Texturen von deinen 3D Blöcken nicht neu vergeben. Es reicht, wenn du neben AR5 auch AR3 auf deinem Rechner installiert hast.
Das einzige was wichtig ist, du muss AR5 die Pfade sagen, wo AR5 nach den Materialien suchen soll.
Ich habe hier auf meinen Rechner AR3, AR4 und AR5 installiert.
Egal mit welcher Version ich arbeite, werden die Materialien an meinen 3D Blöcken immer richtig erkannt, voraus gesetzt der Suchpfad ist richtig eingestellt.

Thanks Alfons Akamp for your reply, I'm trying to do what you said. Right now, I'm actually converting my .mlib to .ArMaterial and I'll see how to do the rest.




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