AccuRender nXt

advanced rendering for AutoCAD

all in a click of a button...:)

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Tell me more please...............

Roy ,we need to creat a youtube video showing how some of the software features works!

Here, Here

Very impressive.


Ground cover like that needs youtube ..are you going to make one?

 This one it;s very, very, very gooooood!!!!! Yes we need to create a video tutorials, share materials and objects with nxt materials. I think that its possible upload it at Accustudio page Daniel?

thanks guys....don we need some kind of software to do tutorials??? i am all for it,i can do one or two...:)

To which I believe, Accustudio will readily accept.

Yes, we have a dozen tutorials at AccuStudio and have plenty of room for more. The tutorials are ol' school, but they don't have to be. Shoot me an email Mike and we can go over the details.

well i was thinking a small video (youtube) to show how you can do a photo realistic ground cover, or a tutorial showing how to do ivy gen and import it to nxt...stuff like that can improve the visual aspect of any scene...:)

If you want to send me the few highlighted steps (I don't need much, just a general direction), I will be glad to put together a video tutorial. I'm getting better about checking accustudio email... it is info at

Tried sending light fixtures to you but the email seems to bounce back alot of times not even going at all.




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Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Peter Milner's discussion Multiple cores
"Sort of-- nXt has a hard-coded max of 32 but you get diminishing returns before than point.  If you go beyond 32 they can sometimes be used, depending on the load.  I guess I would still think of 32 as a practical limit. ArStudio should…"
7 hours ago
Peter Milner posted a discussion

Multiple cores

Is there a maximum number of cores that Accurender can utilise?See More
14 hours ago
Rich Hart replied to Charles Farmer's discussion AccuRender
"Sorry for the problem you are having getting support. I had replied to your support emails but had not heard respones back from you. Perhaps our support system emails are ending up in your spam filter. I'll resend those emails directly to you,…"
Mar 6
Charles Farmer posted a discussion


Purchased a new subscription to Autodesk. When I logged into Autodesk, it automatically upgraded my version I was using and installed 2021 version. Now my AccuRender NXT does not work nor will it load on 2021 version.I have spent the last 3 weeks trying to get support but I am not receiving anything.I have paid and downloaded the latest version of NXT but it's not working nor is the support working. Having been an NXT CUSTOMER for many years, I am extremely disappointed in the support.Not sure…See More
Mar 6
Peter Milner replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"Yes, the glass material translated as Refractive automatically."
Dec 23, 2020
Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"Yeah-- like I mentioned the caustics are accurate but could be annoying.  Things that might alter it include changing the sun angle so it's not striking the chair's metal surfaces so directly, changing the roughness of the chair…"
Dec 23, 2020
Peter Milner replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"Here's the latest render using metallic materials. The chrome now looks a lot better. I do feel though that the reflected light on the back wall is too bright."
Dec 23, 2020
Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"Ah-- so that's a function of the material type.  The standard material won't give you a mirror anymore.  You need to change the material to metallic and you should get something more familiar.  Use the Type popdown on the…"
Dec 18, 2020

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