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Hi Guys

does anyone know where i can get hold of some new plants for NXT. i am doing a resort and spa and need some tropical plants to put in my renders. some palms of all sizes, ferns and small spiky shrubs would be best. If someone could point me in the right direction it would be great.


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Hi Rick, I usually work with RPC, when I have to use a lot of plants, and I prefer to put the RPC plants in another drawing and work them as  external references. Hope this help.  The best quality you can get is some models  in max format that  you have to work them out to use as 3ds models, but usually are huge in MB.    Hope this helps.


Hi AleJandro

thanks for your reply mate. my next question would be do you know where to get a good RPC library for tropical plants? Also what's the quality of plants used from AR3, i know there was many palms in that library, would this look very nice rendered in NXT?

thanks again mate

Archvision has some nice  RPC tropical plants, there are some palms edited in the Nxt group, some old models from ar3 -ar4 will work using  the add legacy plant in Nxt.  My experiencie with old models was no so good but you can try and see how it goes.




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