AccuRender nXt

advanced rendering for AutoCAD

Specifications nXt

  • Physically-based luminance calculation
  • Choice of Packet Tracer or Path Tracer engines
  • Progressive refinement algorithm
  • 64-bit version for massive data sets
Multiprocessing Lighting
  • Analytical sky and sun
  • HDR image-based lighting
  • Up to eight lighting channels
  • IES file support
  • Luminance values available for all surfaces
  • Refractive and reflective caustics
  • Automatic daylight portals for efficient interior daylight simulations
  • Efficient displacement mapping with low memory overhead
  • Normal and bump mapping
  • Texture set support
  • Procedural textures and bumps
  • Blurry transparency and glossy reflection
  • Fully assignable to ACA components
  • 3D plant editor and library
  • Textured mesh object support (OBJ and 3DS format)
  • RPC™ support
Ready-made Content
  • Fractal Trees
  • Material Library
  • HDRI Backgrounds
  • Perspective
  • 2-Point Perspective
  • Orthographic
  • Panoramic
  • Accurate depth of field
Image Editor and Output
  • Lighting channel manipulation
  • Post-process fx like real-time depth of field, haze, and veiling glare.
  • Image arithmetic
  • Piranesi™ support
  • HDR and EXR high dynamic range output
  • Mask, material, and distance channels
  • Automatic alpha-compositing
  • Easy to use 3D slide show animation
  • Path-based animation
  • Sun Study animation
AutoCAD Specific
  • Automatic instancing of repetitive blocks
  • Material assignment to ACA objects via Style Manager
  • WalkAbout™ enhanced view utility w/ fixed aspect ratio views
  • Custom textured mesh object (3DS and OBJ importer)

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