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I have a file with a repeatable error in both architecture 2012 & 2013. I can not get it to repeat outside of this file however. I've audited the file with no errors.

The error occurs in trying to render a panorama, using interior lighting settings. If I run the rendering in engine 1 it starts the rendering set-up & crashes, in engine 0 it will render once. If you pause or re-start the rendering autocad again crashes. I will upload the files for both 2012 & 2013. I'm using windows 7, 64bit, Autocad Architecture, and NXT build 310.

Is there a simple fix here?

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I tried uploading files twice & connection is timing out.

Are you using the upload link?  In any case, I'm traveling and won't be able to do anything about it until next week.

I did try to use  the upload link with zipped files both Friday and again today. So far it has consistently reset the connection before the file is completely transfered. I will try to do 2 individual files but after that I don't have any other ideas.

I've got them both-- I'll take a look today or tomorrow.

The Light named "Ceiling Light" is causing the crash.  Apparently, tagging a polar array as a light is a big no-no. (I've got this on the list to look at-- I should be able to prevent the crash, anyway.  The thing may also crash if you tag an object that isn't 3d-- a line without thickness, for example-- so this does need to be fixed somehow.)  For now, you can explode the array and tag the individual sources as lights-- or any similar solution.


Not related to panoramas, BTW-- it will crash on any Path Tracer rendering for sure-- and may crash e0 as well.

Thank you very much Roy

If you must array, tag the first object, then array.




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