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I just started having issues. If I hit the walkabout icon I get the window (Blank) and a messege that there has been an error and something is trying to write to protected memory. I then cancel out and get stuck in a loop of a dialog telling me there is a command in progress and will not let me cancel out. I end up having to close the program using the task manager.

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A particular model?  Is it consistent?

It seems to be isolated to a single drawing model. I have tried copying the whole model to a fresh drawing to no avail.

It gives you a message from the walkabout window that you are trying to access protected memory. Sometimes you can close the dialog box sometimes not. If you do get it to close and exit the walkabout back to the Acad window it will crash in about ten to fifteen seconds. 

Windows says files that relate  to the problem are WERB48F.tmp, WEFInternalMetdata.xml, WERECFD.tmp, WERF1BO.tmp. (All French to me)

When I go and look at the file in the explorer it seems to be very bloated by the file size. (49Meg)


You can try all of the standard stuff, such as audit, to see if that makes a difference.  

Send it to me otherwise,  I'll take a look.  It's possible that it's failing in AutoCAD which might make it challenging to fix.

I believe it is an AutoCad issue. hard problems like this before but that was be Nxt came along, so what I do back then is to quit(type in command prompt)  in which AutoCad prompts me to save which I do. When you enter this black hole no order AutoCad command other than quit works. never hard it while nxt is running.

it has been discussed elsewhere - it is usually caused by 3DOrbit command that sort of hangs...

try CMDACTIVE to find, if a command is active (=1)

try CMDNAMES to find what command is it.

try to SAVE from command prompt, then QUIT

...from what I read elsewhere this error is not drawing specific

Tried your suggestion. The command line just keeps returning to "F&B Base.dwg has a command in progress."

Hit enter to cancel or [retry]


It is just one drawing giving me fits.

I was able to get it to render directly from the acad window with no difficulty.

This is a model I generated about five years ago and another designer has updated the model since and turned it back over to me for this project. It's got two major elements in it (kiosk models). I am going to try and delete one of them and see if I can find an offending acad entity.

Not causing me any grief right now but I'm going to want to solve it so I can continue to use this model in other projects.

Save a copy of the one that's failing and send it if you're willing.
Where do you want me to send it? It's pretty big (50meg).It's gotta be something specific to this file. I can work in any of my other projects with no issues. As soon as I open this particular model I have issues with the walkabout and the program (Acad) kicking me to the curb.

I forwarded a copy of the model.

I deleted everything from the model except the smaller kiosk and it still hangs and crashes.

No problems so far.  I did the following:


  1. Opened the model using ACA 2012.
  2. Hit the WalkAbout button.
  3. Hit the render button on the WalkAbout screen.


Everything is proceeded normally.  Is there something else I should try?







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