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I've been absent because of work, but in the meantime still trying to tame the nxt.
This is the latest result that I have achieved. In the indoor image, I rendered in two separate steps interior daylight and interior lighting, then combined them in image editor.
I still think the result is not the best, and my computer does not help, therefore, if someone can help me with software configuration and video, I can buy platesthe separate parts, because a friend has undertaken to assemble the machine for me. 
Thank you all.P.S.: I hate those dots on tha chair and tha back blue wall in outdoor scene!!

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Your Interior is nice but its really way too bright, it needs some sharp contrast from the objects inside. I think maybe your screen is set on similar settings? If you want, you can forward the file and I can try to experiment with it and send it back with the settings.

The Exterior is really good, I cant see the black dots you're talking about but the texturing on the Flooring and the Chair/Table Patio set is good. The texturing on the dark brown benches needs a look into, its too flat.


Sure I can forward the file. Any help is welcome.

About the dots, it's not black dot i was taking about. I was referring to the bright spots in the shadow areas. See the new image below (it's the same as before, but marked in red).

I Can't send the file here, cause the size of zipped file exceeds the limit.

I can send by email.

Why not just render the interior with daylight and lights?

Put the interior lights on a separate channel and save the render as an nXt Image. Then you can play with the balance later in the nXt image editor.

2 seconds work in Photoshop will fix the dots.

For your computer, buy the most cores you can afford.

Thanks, Peter.

About the 2 renders, I don't know what i do wrong, but when I put the lights on, even on a separate channel, using de preset "interior daylight", it doesn't work as I desire, at least not in a time I can consider good. Roy advices me to render twice or more, and then combine the resulting images.

By the way, your work is inspiring. I downloaded Sven Christiansen CAD bloskc. There is a possibility that you make available library materials you use in NXT?

Thanks Again

Have a look at this office setup. It uses interior daylight with lights.


Peter, I know its been discussed before but how can we get rid or or reduce the specular noise when using the Path Tracer for Indoor Daylight scenes, this really puts me in a fix when trying to render large res images. I end up mixing interior and exterior Lit images playing with channels.


Specular noise is at its worst with spotlights and highly reflective materials such as chrome. I get it a lot with office chairs on polished aluminium 5 star bases.

Using area lights usually minimizes the problem and then I do a final bit of touch up in Photoshop.

Thanks Peter, will try.

Thank again, Peter. I started the render and I will wait for the results. Please send me a picture with your render done without finishing in photoshop and how long it took.

This ran for 300 passes in 1 hour 13 minutes.

It could probably do with another 200 passes.

My redering is still running, and after 3 hours i have 166 passes. I definitely need more cores.




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