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I cant seem to get the text written in AutoCad (using the AutoCad or True Type fonts) to appear in nXt. They used the appear in Ar4. Is there something I need to change or update for this?  I know I could always make a JPG in Photoshop of the text I need and import it as a decal onto a surface, but I'd rather not go through those hoops unless I had to. The sample enclosed shows the type of text I'm talking about.

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Dizzy, Text is not recognized in nXt, like it was in previous versions. When needing to do something like your example, I explode the text, then extrude it at .01" height. It will then be rendered.



Hey Barry,

Excellent stuff thanks a lot, worked like a charm.



Hi Barry,

Thanks for your reply, I've tried exploding the text but all I get is 'object not found' when I try either the Acad fonts or True Type. I've tried giving them thickness which does take (in the Ch Prop diag box) but doesn't register in the final deal. Is there any trick to exploding the txt?.

Many thanks


Dizzy, You must use the Text Explode, the command is TXTEXP, and can only be executed while in a plan view. Once exploded, you can extrude to a solid.






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