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Just a quick update... for those who thought I fell off the map. Well, I never really left, I was just immersed in studying for the Architectural Exam. I received my letter on Saturday that I have passed the last part of the exam. 

With that said, after next week I should be able to start programming CoMotion again. I have a very good start on object animation andd hope to have it released before Christmas.

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Congratulations. On your exams.
Welcome back on board. We miss you a lot.
Looking forward to the update especially RPC animation, which I believe is part of object animation.
Hi again, Daniel,

Congrats also, on your successful passage through the Arch. Exam. I'm sure more than a few users are anxious to see what you have in mind for Comotion 2.

RIch Rosemann
good for you and congrats (exam) and for us (comotion:-) ... couple of questions:
- how is comotion going to be implemented into nXt now? currently, there is a farm, batch rendering, there even is simple animation inside nXt - did you discuss with Roy how to use all this and how to connect Comotion to nXt seamlessly?
- do you have an access to Autodesk Architecture? I am asking because of object animation (there are doors etc. in ACA) and also because I am worried if there will not be conflicts due to ACA limitations.

I'm a little out of the loop when it come to the farm, so I'm not sure how it will interface with it. As for seemless connection, CoMotion will probably always be stand alone.

Because we have migrated to Revit at the office I now have ACA I will be able to look into it. It is all part of the software bundle from Autodesk.
Are you saying in the future we have to pay for Nxt and CoMotion separately?
Good news you have an access to ACA...
to the farm: for example 3DSlideshow in nXt, once you send it to the farm, sends each transition between cameras to different computer and that is it - so if one transition is finished faster, the assigned computer stays idle...IMHO animation is the right kind of task for the farm, so comotion should be able to use its capabilities to the full extent.
other wishes:
- I would like to be able to see preview in different visual styles
- I would like to be able to save it...either as a complete avi or as separate frames...
- I found we spent most of the time tweaking camera/target paths - currently, this task is very tedious... hit and miss kind of thing...if comotion allowed me to stop preview once it starts looking the wrong direction AND SHOWED ME EXACTLY WHERE I AM ON MY PATH, I would be most grateful
- I would like to have dynamic controls over framerate during my camera/target path - currently, once I succeed to create suitable paths for camera and target, I am disappointed again because there always are moments when my animation is too slow or too fast...
-- I know none of the above would be any challenge for the programmer, but still - in terms of the suitable final result, these functions are more important to me than any object animations or other fancy stuff
I will look into additional visual styles. Right now I have the basic 3 built into CoMo.

You can currently save the Preview to individual frames. Just check the Export Preview, then the dialog will expand with the save functions. PNG, JPG & BMP should be working with the Preview Export.

I will add "Where am I" to the feature list.

Frame rate is on the wish list. For the Cameras and Objects.
Thanks for your swift reply and I am happy you added some itms to the wish list.

I would like to emphasize this one: "Where am I" - at this moment it seems the animation (in nXt) does take only the overall length of camera/target paths into account. So it is very difficult to tweak them. There should be some kind of keyframe/segmentation function available...nXt enables to use two approaches - (1) 3DSlideshow, where you work on keyframes only (keyframe = name view), (2) Animation - no keyframes available... I would like to use some kind of mixture of these two approaches - on specific points (keyframes) I would like to be able to precheck the resul and i would also like to be able to tweak paths...
Congratulations. On your exams.
Welcome back on board.
Hallo Daniel

Schön, das du wieder da bist aber wo kann ich denn dieses Comotion 2 Update herunter laden??


Alfons Akamp
I see CoMotion is not on the download page. I will add a link from AccuStudio for download.
OK, coMotion 2.0 can be downloaded from here is the direct link:




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