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I try to set a interior day laight with my interiors light (e4) on but a lot of fireflies come special in fixures with no gloss material, please take a look, thanks for your help.

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The files is more than 5mb please send me your mails to send it.

Here is the zip file!!!

Make it a zip file.  .rar won't work.

Rey F. Rosario Berrios said:

Here is the zip file!!!

Now it's ZIP!!!!! 


E4, 50 passes, no sun and sky only interior lights.

E4 75 passes no sky, sun and lights.

akinlolu olugboji said:

E4, 50 passes, no sun and sky only interior lights.

akinlolu olugboji said:

E4, 50 passes, no sun and sky only interior lights.

My verdict,  Increase opening for natural lighting to come in.  And employ light channels, sun, sky, spot lights and spot light-island

350 passes, E4, lights, sun and sky all on.

I will try today, thanks akin

500k pixels at about 1/2 hour:

It's looking pretty good, for a very difficult lighting situation.  The only change I made to your model was to boost the lights by a factor of 5-- 25 watts is too dim (remember these are incandescent watts-- use lumens if you're unsure.)  I did this by changing the # of channels to 2 and boosting channel 1 by 5x.

I'm going to let this run a little longer to see how it resolves the remaining areas (the worst are the tops of the stools and the base of the counter.  There aren't really many "fireflies" in this one-- just some noise in some brighter areas which is a characteristic of this engine (as opposed to the path tracer where the noise tends to occur in the dark areas.)  Almost all of the noise is due to the daylighting which is difficult in this scene.  Not only is the primary opening small, but daylight enters the space via the alcove to the left.  As a simulation, I'm very pleased with how this one is going.  I do understand that it may not be practical for you (although it might in combination with a little PhotoShop clean-up.)

Make sure you're using the latest build-- it make reflective caustics an option-- this pathway will add a lot of noise to this type of scene.




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