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Hello everyone...

I am having a little difficulty on some interior rendering I am working on. I am not an expert in the field but I am trying to do my best.

The issue, I think it is in the light settings because the material colors are not resulting as expected. My source of light are the ceiling fixtures with omnidirectional pattern @ 100 wats.

Engine standard, sky OFF, sun ON, studio bightness ON, lights ON, indirect interior, indirect bounces 2, reflective bounces 8, refractive bounces 16, lights per phase 8... (I hope I am translating everything right cause my accurender nxt is in spanish). 

As you can see in the attached image, the ceiling grid and solid ceiling look dark gray and my intentions are to be bright white. Also de walls look gray and they are suppose to be beige. 

I even tried an invicible source of light from the floor ponting up an it did not work. It improved a bit but not the result I was expecting.

I will add furniture and other goodies but later when I finish all the material color testing and light issues resolved.

Anyways... Any idea how to make this work?

I appreciate much your help.

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The easiest thing to do is to send the model and I'll take a look.  Either attach it to a message here or, for more privacy, upload it privately using the Upload a File option from the Forum/Support menu.  I think the lighting settings are OK.  This is likely some material setting.  An area light source (diffuse, I think it's called) is a better choice for the lights.  This likely is not the cause of your problem, but you should get better performance and results with this type of light source.

Hello Roy...

Thanks for your reply and I am sending the file so you can take a look at it. I did change the light type to difuse, though and changed the preset to "interior lighting" as Akinlolu Olugboji pointed out. I tried some new test resulting in a slower render time and the issue not being resolved. 

I appreciate your help on this issue.



R GrecØ

.... by the way, I am having problems uploading the file either public or private. Server error of some sort.


I will send the file directly from my email, since there is an upload error from the server.

I did get a chance to play with this one.  

Something was messed up with the units in this one.  The model appeared to be in meters, so I type _ddunits and changed the insertion scale form Unitless to Meters.  (I needed to change the material tiling size in the floor material once I did this to make it match.)

I switched to the Hybrid engine and selected Interior Lighting.  This is usually a better choice when you have a shiny floor-- the Standard engine will underestimate the amount of reflected light when the floor is shiny.  I checked Reflected Caustics in the floor material (Base) as well-- this further helps count light reflected from a shiny floor.

I removed the 20 pass restriction on the model you sent.  Interiors require many more passes.  This is what I got in 7 minutes or so:

Still not sure what's causing the banding on the wall-- I suspect it's something to do with how the light and ceiling grid are constructed-- but I haven't looked into it.

Is this more what you're looking for?

Roy, Thank you much!

Your suggestions worked very well, and I even managed to fix the banding on the wall. 

This is a preliminary view with some furniture. 

Thanks again!

R GrecØ

Would love to study this too. Remove the furniture and share too. By the way how many passes?


I sent the model to your Email. It would be nice to have an opinion from you.

This sample I posted earlier, it rendered with 100 pases but low resolution. 

Very good results, you learn that this file can send me mail, thank you.


I sent the model to your email address, as well.






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