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My ceiling is white but comes out in the rendering as dark gray, how can I fix that?

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You need to supply a picture of what you're getting in order for us to give any advice here.  Use the Image button on the forum message toolbar.

That's how it looks like

Still hard to say from this.  If you're willing to upload the model I'll take a quick look-- use the Support->Upload a File option above.

Otherwise you can try some things yourself.  I would certainly test the thing at low resolution-- 300k pixels is usually adequate for this.  You're not getting any reflected light on the ceiling yet-- it likely has to cook a lot longer for this to happen.

Even if I run more passes it still doesn't change. The ceiling and wall are white and they both appear gray.


Upload the model if you can-- or a simple version that shows the problem.

I switched the Lighting preset from Studio to Interior Lighting.  This turns on indirect lighting which is a very important component in your design.  This is what I get (it still needs more time to cook-- brightness is cranked up a bit):

There is a small problem with the shower door being right on top of curb surface.  Displace the two surfaces a little so the renderer can resolve them and this should go away.

It looks much better. Thanks!

When you choose Interior Lighting it turns off the lights so to turn them on and work with custom? that's what you did? and then to add to the brightness or it is better to make the lights stronger?

No- it doesn't turn them off (make sure you select Interior Lighting not Interior Daylight.)  Do not use a custom lighting preset for this.

There are still some really bad problems with the lighting in this one.  I haven't sorted them all out yet.  For example, the round lights on the ceiling should be spots not omnidirectional.  I'm very suspicious that the cove lighting is not being handled properly.  I'll take a few more minutes later this afternoon (?) to try and sort it out.

That is what I've been taught. Thank you so much for your help!!! I'm always happy to learn new things and improve my work. I would love to hear what you have to say and how I can fix those problems.

You told me to use the interior lighting but what if I have interiors with windows? How can I combine the indoor lighting with some light  coming from the outside?

Here's the article on that.

ABH said:

You told me to use the interior lighting but what if I have interiors with windows? How can I combine the indoor lighting with some light  coming from the outside?

So can you tell me what is wrong with the general lighting and the cove? and how can I fix it?




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Small bathroom. Model: Blender 3D. Render: Blender Cycles. 1200X2000 2h10min on GPU Radeon 7970.See More
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