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Just tested the overwrite prompt of build 232. Did not see it, it just over write the existing scene?
The previous rendering needs to run for 20 minutes before the warning displays.
Hallo Roy

Warum kann ich in Build 232 nicht 100 Bilder rendern, ohne das nach jedem Bild der Hinweis kommt, ob er das Bild speichern soll?? Ist das ein Bug oder nicht.
Mein Rechner soll über Nachtt durchlaufen und nicht nach jedem Bild fragen. Wie kann ich dieses nachfragen jedes Mal deaktivieren???


Sounds like a bug-- if you're saving the images you shouldn't get a warning.

What are you using to render the multiple images?
Let me get this, The first saved work (*.nxt) which is automatic should have ran for twenty minutes or more. Then without ending the AutoCAd session, I start another rendering with autosave still on after the first two passes(I save every two passes), when the next update is scheduled, I get a warning right?
Run a rendering for twenty minutes or more-- don't save it. Start another one. You should see a warning. (AutoSave should have no effect on this.)
Now I get it and seeing it. Thanks
Help!!! downloading don't work: "Server Error in '/s3' Application." "runtime error"
Yep-- download mechanism is broken. We're looking into it.
Should be working now.
so, i have to re-install nxt?
Not exactly sure what you mean.

There is a new build published here about every week or so (on average.) If you'd like to upgrade to the latest, just download and install it. (If you've purchased a product key it will still work just fine.) If something goes wrong, you can always go back to a previous version by running that install package (it may be a good idea to save the old ones if you like living with the most current builds.) Every so often I will mark a build as "stable".




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