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Path Tracer Problem

Fixed a problem in which a complex object (one which generates a lot of faces at render time) tagged as a light source can slow the path tracer down substantially.  This slowdown is also observed in the new engines, although not to the same degree. 

AutoCAD ACA 2013 - Known limitation

The standard ACA mechanism for assigning materials to sub-components is not working properly in 2013.  I am actively pursuing a solution to this, including attempting to communicate with Autodesk.  Until this is fixed, avoid using ACA 2013 with nXt if you use ACA objects (walls, windows, etc.).  Other AutoCAD objects, including native AutoCAD objects and custom objects appear to function fine in 2013.

Work continues on engine 4.  This build includes fixing a few crash bugs and resource leaks.  Color backgrounds are now supported.  Alpha objects are supported, although shadows will not be retained in this engine.

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With E4, I feel sometimes, some instability, but I love the caustics...


Nice-- submit it to the gallery when you're ready.

Is 304 unstable?

Yes, I believe, I've got 2 crashes...

Some caustics on the floor are made of white points (furniture in second plan), even after 225 pass.


The fireflies are normal-- caustics due to the metal furniture.  They will go away eventually.  I am definitely interested in the crashes-- if you're willing send the model and I'll run it under the scope here.

Objects tagged as alpha have not changed in e1.  The only change I made was to e4.

When you tag an object as alpha the background shows through.

Yep.  Looks about right to me.

Roy, I prefer the softness of the shadows in the E1, but caustics in E4 are real cool.

I'm very interested in any reproduceable crash.  Can you send the model or some simplified version of it, along with instructions on how to reproduce.

Mario Schipflinger said:

btw - E1 force a reproduceable Acad crash when some object is marked with caustics 

Sky at 0.001-- brightness -0.5.  Sun off.  Sky shadows will start out pretty sharp but should resolve nicely.   Otherwise something's up and I'll need to see the model.

I have no idea what you mean, you'll need to include examples.  Yes, if this isn't related to the new build it's off-topic and belongs in its own thread.  Use accurate units and lighting values.  Night renderings almost always require adjusting the overall brightness level.  You should not be reducing the channels to unrealistic levels.  Something is wrong if you're resorting to that practice.  Stop and figure out what's going on before continuing.

How long should one wait for the fireflies to resolve or will they ever resolve on interiors? The E4 image ran 5000 passes and the fireflies still show on the mug, the jamb of the window and the mirror. 

(These were actually made in Buid 303 if that makes a difference) 





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Mapping materials to xrefs

Greetings,As you can see from the attached image, the mapping for the metal roofs is not working. The mapping in the reference drawings is just fine, but when xrefed into another drawing the orientation of the mapping is lost.In AR4 there was an option to assign a material to object and set the mapping to the direction desired. Then when these drawings were xrefed in, the original mapping would be preserved.Is there a way to do this in xNt?Thanks,JeffSee More
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"try a revit block and imported to autocad"
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