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I am thinking of trying the render farm software.

Will it work with a 64 bit Windows 7 and a 32 bit Windows XP, or do all the slaves need to be the same platform as the master?

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Nope-- you can mix and match 32 and 63 bit slaves at will. Keep in mind that if you're rendering a very large data set the 32 bit systems might not be able to handle it. This should be rare, though. The farm slaves do not have the added overhead of AutoCAD.

I will be updating the farm software in a day or two.
I read that nXt render farm is sold separately from nXt.
I'm having a hard time finding the price list for nXt render farm.
It's free right now. Current plan is to start selling it by 11/15. No firm pricing yet-- $200-$300 has been bandied about as an introductory price-- $600 as a final price. Free eval of 2-node farm will always be available.
I want to know that, if I run the nxt on 64bit 9g ram system in master computer, and the slave computer is 32bit system in 2g ram on render farm on lan. Is it possible?
Yes it is.

There are no masters on the render farm, only slaves-- and these can be either 32 or 64 bit or mixed. Physical RAM doesn't matter at all in this discussion-- it may matter to performance but it will not prevent a slave from running.

On the other hand, it is possible (but unlikely) to generate a very complex model or high res rendering that 32 bit slaves will not be able to render. This has nothing to do with physical memory. It has to do with the limitations of address space that occur with all 32 bit processes. This limitation is either 2GB or 3GB depending on your system (almost all 32 bit systems can be upgraded to run 3GB address spaces-- again nothing to do with physical RAM.)
thank you very much! I will try it when I have enough time to setup several computer.
I have another question of render farm, can it run on linux with wine?

it was because I want to set up a render farm sets of computer. if I have 4nos. computer, I need 4nos. windows os. If the render farm can run on linux with wine ( I want use ubuntu linux), I will more flexible on the system.
I have no idea. If you decide to try it-- let me know how it goes.




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