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Dear Friends

I faced one problem, on one particular camera view intended render, where when I set all and ''click render nothing happen'' I get render box it says loading model and 1 of 0 pass and nothing happens, render is not starting, then not responding image attached,

Has anyone had this before, is it the camera angle! or something else, please let me know if you come across this or similar problem.

The render works on other camera views in other drawings, but not in this particular drawing. Drawing size 25mb, NXT old version on AutoCAD Architecture 2011.


Feedback on steps taken so far, with no result

-Reinstalled NXT

-Copied all items from model into new drawing

-Deleted all other cameras, kept one

-Recreated a new camera on same model

-No luck, render not starting

Will appreciate your assistance.

Alexander, Architect

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64 or 32 bit system?

64, thanks

Hard to say what's up. You can upload the model using the support menu above if you want me to take a look.


I did a WinRAR zip and uploading 20mb file, hope it will upload, the camera in Q? is rear left view as set on the model. File name '0025 FP00 - Villa Halane NXT-4'

I hope you would resolve the mystery.

Cheers Alex 

No problem just rendering the view set in the model-- although I don't have your RPCs so I get error messages for those.  Is there something else I should be doing?

What build of nXt are you using?

arnxt64_0318b, that is if I understood you well.

Hold on I gave you wrong model, sorry, will upload soon, with more instructions.

Yes please render the model, although the camera is missing, I rendered without the camera and it has same problem, without the camera view.

Now I know it is not the camera, but something else, I tried to upload a drawing with camera but it failed 2 times and I am not in UK, I am in Africa the net is very poor,
Please use the drawing submitted this morning, and see if you succeed to render.

Ignore attached images and instructions, that was for the camera angle etc. Render any desired view. Alex


It's working here.  The problem may be in one or more of the RPCs.  Try rendering without them, then add them back one at a time.

Yes you right, I suspected but not anticipated they could stop render all together.

Problem solved, thanks





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