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I used to know how to get rid of the RPC black boxes in AR4 but can someone tell me how to do it in NXT?

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I haven't the faintest idea what you mean-- you may need to provide some pictures.
here is a screen shot.
Make sure your refractive background is set to visible.  Otherwise you may need to send the drawing.  You can upload it, or a simplified version which still shows the problem, here.

Ok.  So when I kicked up the reflective and refractive bounces in the advanced tab from 2 to 9 the black boxes seem to be disappearing.  Seeems to be a bit of a performance penalty.  Can you speculate wheater both have to be kicked up and how much?  This rendering is only on its second pass so I assume the artifacts would eventually clean up.

Good find-- leave this stuff alone in the future unless you've got a good reason to change it.  Defaults are 8 for refractive bounces and 3 for reflective bounces-- that should work fine here.

The rendering is better-- but something nasty is still going on.  

Check to make sure the drawing units are set correctly.

Also,  make sure that you're absolute units are not too large, such as "state plane coords".  If they are you may need to move the drawing closer to the origin.

Units are ok, distance to 0,0 is 5000'.  How do I reset things to defaults?  I was trying to combine artificial lights and sun but performance was terrible so I tried to mess with settings to speed things up.

Quite likely that 5000' is killing you.  Try moving the model closer to the origin.


I don't have a general "go back to defaults" button.  Using the presets will reset a bunch of things, but not all of them. For combining artificial and daylighting see here.  You might just want to press on with this one and see where it goes.

Also it seems the RPC objects are acting as daylight portals.  I turned automatic off and they are on layer 0 with no material assigned.

Keep Auto Daylight Sources On!  That's part of the preset and one of the things that can mess you up pretty badly.  The RPCs won't act as daylight sources (or there's major bug somewhere.)  Your big problem right now is likely the precision one due to large coords.  Move the model closer to the origin and see what you get.  Don't try anything else yet.
Better still move the origin to the center of your model.
In addition to what Roy said, also ensure that the refractive and reflective background settings are both the same.




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