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I was working on a rendering in Build 247 and the textured meshed showed in the AutoCAD view pre-render but did not show in the rendering. So I updated to the newest build, 254. They still don't show up. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate, AutoCAD 2011, 64 bit and now build 254. I saw earlier that this had become an issue but I thought it was fixed.

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Make sure the layer's not off-- it's all I can think of right now.  You'll probably need to send the model otherwise.

OK, I started a new file & brought in a couple of the meshes, they work fine.

In retracing my steps and looking at the meshes again I think it may have been a layer issue since some of the meshes were not on layer 0 in the file of origin. So apparently we can chaulk this one up to user error. Hmmm.....Sorry Roy, thanks for the help though.


I'll upload a couple of images to the gallery later today.

It's at least partly my fault-- I'm not handling AutoCAD's layer promotion completely correctly. Items that show up in AutoCAD should render.  In fairness, their system wrt layer 0 is extremely complicated and there are a bunch of gotchas so it's not an area of the code I look forward to working with.  It's on the list to check-- although it may be a while until I can tackle this one.

I've already substituted other fully modeled cars for those that were not showing up. THey were on the same layer as the cars that you can see in the 1st pass rendering so layer control was not an issue. Once this rendering is done I will do a simple mesh only and see if it too is invisible. But that will be tomorrow at the earliest.

i thought the cars are not possitioned well may be they are under the floor.

pls all those cars that you used(not mesh cars) where did you get them rpc?

No those cars are positioned correctly. The drive surface is below the curb & the curb is below the floor line; this is probably where the confusion is coming from. See the attached; it still has to cook for a bit for reflections to render out fully.

 The car models come from several different places, some are free from on-line in various format which have been converted. Some are models that our company bought. Unfortunately they are very heavy but they do look better than RCP's IMO. If you have a way to convert other formats you can try turbosquid, etc. There are some free models bout most of the good ones come with price tags.

It's really nice work.  The flag is a little troubling-- make sure your refracted and visible backgrounds match.
El problema de la bandera proviene de una interseccion del "volumen2 del rpc. Para resolverlo podriamos mover el elemento, cambiar la orientacion o bien cambiar el tamaño.

The flag decal had some noise in it. I'm using alpha channel & pasting a photo from the location in, it should provide a realistic feel to it. THe refracted and reflected are on the default settings for exterior, I'm pretty sure the alpha background on the flag wasn't really clean. With a few post production tweeks on grass, background, etc. it'll be good to go.


after this is out the door I'm going to figure out what was going on with the meshes though. They were working like a champ before, and thet are much quicker than the fully modeled cars.

Post some stuff to the gallery when you get the kinks worked out.  It's a really nice example of how to do a parking lot in a more commercial setting.  has a selection of free vehicle downloads.




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