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Hello everyone, I use again nxt to make a render. It's been a few years since I used it and I must say it has improved a lot, congratulations!
But there is one thing that has not improved at all:
I had already insisted on this when the software was still in beta.
But unfortunately I see that everything continues as before
Roy, I just can not understand this your choice!
Best ragards, Gustavo

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I don;'t know if this is what you are looking for, but Rich is working on a Background Wizard which will let you position, stretch and distort the background image to better match the perspective of your current autocad view.

Here is an example of a background image whose perspective does not match the model view, and how the background is stretched with the Wizard. Is this what you are looking for?

We hope to have this ready for testing by users in the next 2 weeks.

Distortion and Perspective

Distortion allows you to alter the background image to better match the perspective in your model.


In Perspective Distortion, the left and rights sides of the image are always kept vertical, and when you move one corner up or down, the other corner on the same side is moved by the same amount.

This often make it easy to match the background image to a perspective view. If you want more control select Full Distortion which lets you move all 4 corners independently.

Background Image placed behind perspective wall and windows.
The lack of perspective in the background clashes with the perspective of the windows.
Select Perspective Distortion to let you distort the background to match the perspective view.

Adjust right hand corners to add perspective to background
As you move one corner up or down, the other corner is automatically moved to match.


By dragging the right hand center handle, all three right hand handles are moved together.


In three easy steps, the background now matched the perspective view.

No. That's not the problem.
I'm not trying to distort the background image.
The controls are the problem: if you know the old AccuRender 3.1, the positioning is controlled by arrows on the screen, and not with the mouse.
You can see two of my render in the gallery "featured images" (gustavo 001 & 002 posted by Roy), so you understand better the kind of montage to which I refer.
I have debated this issue about 2 years ago, or maybe +, and I was hoping the same wonderful and easy positioning system for nxt. This is very, very difficult and inaccurat

Nope-- no screen arrows are planned.  The keyboard arrows do work, however.

anyway this possibility that you are preparing is interesting!

Wait and try it. Besides distortion, it also allows your to move and scale the background image - while seeing the AutoCAD screen and view in front of the background image.

You can use either the mouse or the up and down arrows to move the image, and you can also adjust the contrast or brightness of the background image. (Part of the "trick" here - except for simple positioning -  is that we make a new background image after you are done.

These are all things you could have done in Photoshop, but sometimes it is easier to change the background image without leaving AutoCAD.

Also, this will work for spinning HDRi backgrounds, while viewing them behind your model.

This is a very important issue to me, too. Not really the possibility of distorting the background image (which is also an improvement), but the possibility of matching the model with a background (something similar to the "camera match" in 3DS or in SketchUp). This is the real point: at the state of art, nXt is extremely imprecise in this, and you have to spend a lot of time by moving arrows, adjust lens length, etc. If Roy and the team could solve this, I thinks nXt will elevate to the mid-top rendering engines!

Ok, I understood.
I will be forced to use ar3 to properly position the models in the background !!

Think this may help............... In WalkAbout two options

Motion:- Walkthrough - 4 arrows keys + pageup/pagedown keys   = full motion for Walkthroungh

Motion:- Flyover - 4 arrows keys + pageup/pagedown keys   = full motion for Walkthroungh

This is fine but when you know about holding the left and right mouse button down and moving you then get all the adjustments to put a 3d model into a photo.

left mouse hold = free motion around point, target/cam

right mouse hold = model straight move to the left/right/up/down in relation to photo.

The right button is the one that fixed all my issues with placing model into a image and released me from talking about ar3 arrows. Note that large images and basic cpu power can make this slow, I sometimes drop the background image which makes moving the model easy and when I get close click the back ground back on and do final movements.

Distortion is very cool too Mr Hart thanks for the posts.

Movements with the mouse are a complete disaster. completely inaccurate.
With the arrows placed directly on the screen: very, very easy and accurate.
Besides, the walkabaut screen on the old ar3 is fullscreen, which helps a lot.
I will try to use the arrow keys on the keyboard, but the program that has 10-plus years, in this aspect is a thousand times better


Have been asking for the Arrows back for many years, the posts stop and nobody is interested in the issue. I gave up and make do with new controls.

Now that the R & D term is better, maybe it time to ask for it again. Besure to put id in the Wishlist thread also.

but this is not the wishlist?




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