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advanced rendering for AutoCAD

Here's the latest version of the new stuff.  If you're interested, try it at your leisure and let me know what you find.  It's a work in progress, so please be kind.  We'll likely have some bugs and certainly have some missing features.


Some highlights:

Standalone renderer which accepts input from Rhino, Sketchup, Obj and FBX.

Plugins for AutoCAD and other CAD applications.

Online material and plant libs.

Single advanced engine with fewer compromises and biases.  Similar to current hybrid engine but noisier.


AccuRender Studio is 64 bit only and will not run on 32 bit machines.
On older machines, the installation may require updating .net versions which can be a lengthy process. Windows 10 is recommended (but not required.)

The AutoCAD plugin can be run with or without a recent version of nXtRender loaded.
If you run the plugin without nXtRender, you will get only AutoCAD information in the ArScene file. If nXtRender is loaded some conversion of nXt information will occur.


1. Download and install AccuRender Studio.
2. Open an AutoCAD session.
3. Load the correct .net AccuRender Studio plugin for your version of AutoCAD by typing           netload at the command prompt (not appload!) and navigating to

    c:\program files\AccuRender Studio.  The plugin versions are:

    ArStudioAcadPluginR19.dll (AutoCAD 2013-2014)

    ArStudioAcadPluginR20.dll (AutoCAD 2015-2016)
    ArStudioAcadPluginR21.dll (AutoCAD 2017)
    ArStudioAcadPluginR22.dll (AutoCAD 2018)

    You should only have to do this step once. The file will be demand loaded after that.

4. Optionally load nXtRender (by typing nxt at the command line, for example).
5. Type arstudio at the command line to run the command. It will inform you if the correct         version of nXtRender was found. If not, an update from RenderPlus may be required.

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1. No standard engine that I miss.

2. Apart from going the file menu how else can we save?

3. The Resume and Pause button how does it really work?

4. How do we complete a rendering?

The thing that you see is a preview-- expand the window a little and you'll see a render button at the bottom of the render tab.  That's for doing the real ones.  It saves automatically for you periodically and brings up the image editor by default when it's done. 

You can also save the preview using the file menu.

Your preview rendering looks really good, BTW-- although your computer is so slow this may not be a good application for you.

Your preview rendering looks really good, BTW- thanks.

although your computer is so slow- A much faster one is on the way.

The thing that you see is a preview-- expand the window a little and you'll see a render button at the bottom of the render tab.  That's for doing the real ones.  It saves automatically for you periodically and brings up the image editor by default when it's done.  Got that part now.

5. Is groundcover supported?

6. What of RPC's?

7. What of setting cameras as I can see the the camera views in AutoCad came in with it.

Good to hear on the computer.  My surface pro which is a glorified tablet can render about 6 times faster than the speeds you were getting on your example.

Not sure how I'm handling groundcover per se, although the plant generator is far more flexible and can certainly handle groundcover-like plants.

No direct support for RPCs within AccuRender Studio.

You can move around in the preview window and save the resulting camera to a new named view (or overwrite an existing one) on the Camera tab.

Como posso obter mais informações a respeito deste AccuRender Studio? Ele é um aplicativo independente do NXT ? Quais as diferenças entre estes aplicativos? Parece mais semelhante ao antigo Accurender..
Desculpe, não encontrei informações a respeito e estou bastante interessada, mas não pude fazer o download ainda porque precisarei formatar minha máquina.
Adquiri o NXT há uns 15 dias atrás, precisarei pagar também pelo AccuRender Studio? Como vê, estou realmente precisando de informações...

How can I get more information about this AccuRender Studio? Is it a standalone NXT application? What are the differences between these applications? It looks more similar to the old Accurender ..
Sorry, I did not find information about it and I'm very interested, but I could not download yet because I will need to format my machine.
I purchased the NXT about 15 days ago, will I have to pay for AccuRender Studio as well? You see, I really need information ...

AccuRender Studio is new.  It is a work in progress, so it may or may not be suitable for your commercial work.  You will have to try it to see if it will work for you.  It currently works better if you have nXt installed.  It also works better with newer, faster computers. 

It will be offered free of charge for at least the remainder of 2017.

It is a standalone application (but does require an AutoCAD plugin to read AutoCAD or nXt drawings.)  

"  It is a standalone application (but does require an AutoCAD plugin to read AutoCAD or nXt drawings.)  "

is this already implemented? i mean opening dwg in Studio? or revit?

You can't open a .dwg directly-- but you can load the plugin into AutoCAD and write the scene file.  I also have a revit 2016 plugin but I haven't revisited that in a while.

tnx for the answer. 

1 revit would be great

2 what do you mean by "write the scene file"?

 Can I run this application with progeCAD 2018

I don't think so.  At some point I may opt to read AutoCAD files directly using some form of opendwg-- this might work.

the download link seem not to work.




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This is a remake of one of Peter Milner's scenes. I dont have the file. I photo-matched it in sketchup and rendered in nxt render for autocad.I just retouched it and increased the resolution.
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Render 1

This is a remake of one of Peter Milner's renders.I dont have the file. I photo-matched the scene in sketchup and rendered with nxt render in autocad.I replicated it.
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