AccuRender nXt

advanced rendering for AutoCAD

In this version we:

  • Improved rendering time for the Standard Mode by implementing the new 0351 nXt toolkit
  • Fix the install to add the Material, Plant, and Image Editors to the Start Menu again.

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Ich habe mir auch die neueste Version 0351 herunter geladen und installiert.

Aber was ist da neu? Ich habe leider nichts gefunden. Wie geht das mit dem toolkit?

Aber ich habe eine Meldung bekommen, das meine Lizens nicht mehr da ist und das jetzt nur 30 Tage läuft.

Muss ich mir jetzt für meine 3er Lizens eine neue kaufen, oder wie muss ich das verstehen??

Läuft meine Lizens nur noch mit der alten Version 349??

The only new thing this in this version was the speed in rendering improvement.

If you license is over a year old, you would need to purchase a renewal to run any new releases.

Your license will still work with the 349 version.

I get an "apply_auto_reflections" error every time I render. (AutoCAD 2014 64bit)

I'll fix it and post a new version ASAP.

I posted this version as build 0351-OC12, after fixing the "apply_auto_reflections" message box that was appearing.

Please try that.


When will the NxtImageEditor sport an icon?

When would animated RPC's be introduce into the functions of Nxt, like cars/figures moving along a path?

I dont know what is happening, just download build 351 and crash so I mybe go back to 318 or 346

any sugestions..??

I assume that you could render these models in a previous build.

Can you send me one of the models to try here?

You can go to this page:
and follow the instructions, to send us a file if it is too large to just attach to an email or a reply here.


in previous versions wont happen....




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Ben Mixson replied to Brittany Watson's discussion Groundcover Issues
"Hi Brittany, I have two different plant editors. The Accurender plant editor that installed with Accurender Studio and the NXT plant editor that installed with NXT for Autocad. Only the NXT for Autocad version lets you open, modify, and save…"
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Groundcover Issues

Hello,I am hoping to get some clarity on how to modify and add groundcover. I have searched everywhere on the forum and online to find how to save a plant as .ArGroundcover, but I cannot find anything. I am using AccuRender Plant Editor and once I finish editing the plant that I want to use as a groundcover, I click "save plant as", but all it allows me to save as is .ArTree. I have a deadline to get this render finished, but I cannot for the life of me figure this out. See More
Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"Thanks, I'll check on the first two.  The third is normal behavior-- data conversion stops when the arstudio data is detected.  There is a command to remove the arstudio data which would allow you to start from scratch-- probably not…"
Apr 19
Peter Milner replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"Two things don't seem to translate from nXt: Procedural bump and orientation of texture in a material.   Also, if a decal is changed using nXt, Studio continues to display the original decal. Editing the decal in the Studio material pallet…"
Apr 19
Peter Milner replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"That sorted it - using the Studio camera and then selecting "Get AutoCAD view"."
Apr 19
Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"Interesting.  ArStudio has its own WalkAbout-like feture, it's the little camera button.  If you do it while the preview is running you should see the view changes automatically in the rendering."
Apr 19
Peter Milner replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"I'm having trouble getting the desired view in Studio. I've tried setting the view in nXt walkabout and then using that to set the AutoCAD view. However, when I render from Studio, it gives me something different (see images below)."
Apr 19
Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Peter Milner's discussion Multiple cores
"There should be an Update Manager in the Start menu.  Grab and install 0267.  If this doesn't work I'll send a link."
Apr 16

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