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advanced rendering for AutoCAD

Here's the latest version of the new stuff.  If you're interested, try it at your leisure and let me know what you find.  It's a work in progress, so please be kind.  We'll likely have some bugs and certainly have some missing features.


Some highlights:

Standalone renderer which accepts input from Rhino, Sketchup, Obj and FBX.

Plugins for AutoCAD and other CAD applications.

Online material and plant libs.

Single advanced engine with fewer compromises and biases.  Similar to current hybrid engine but noisier.


AccuRender Studio is 64 bit only and will not run on 32 bit machines.
On older machines, the installation may require updating .net versions which can be a lengthy process. Windows 10 is recommended (but not required.)

The AutoCAD plugin can be run with or without a recent version of nXtRender loaded.
If you run the plugin without nXtRender, you will get only AutoCAD information in the ArScene file. If nXtRender is loaded some conversion of nXt information will occur.


1. Download and install AccuRender Studio.
2. Open an AutoCAD session.
3. Load the correct .net AccuRender Studio plugin for your version of AutoCAD by typing           netload at the command prompt (not appload!) and navigating to

    c:\program files\AccuRender Studio.  The plugin versions are:

    ArStudioAcadPluginR19.dll (AutoCAD 2013-2014)

    ArStudioAcadPluginR20.dll (AutoCAD 2015-2016)
    ArStudioAcadPluginR21.dll (AutoCAD 2017)
    ArStudioAcadPluginR22.dll (AutoCAD 2018)

    You should only have to do this step once. The file will be demand loaded after that.

4. Optionally load nXtRender (by typing nxt at the command line, for example).
5. Type arstudio at the command line to run the command. It will inform you if the correct         version of nXtRender was found. If not, an update from RenderPlus may be required.

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Hello Roy,

I am a long time user of Accurender NXT installed on AutoCAD 2016.

Is there a lot of differences betweetn Acurender NXT and Accurender Studio?

Can I have both installed in the same AutoCAD?

Which application do you recomend between Accurender NXT, Accurender Studio and  nXtRender?



ARSCENE  gives an unknown command error

ARSTUDIO gives this version of ArcuRender Studio has expired error

AutoCad 2021

Windows 11

Nxt Arcurender not installed.

Try to go to the update manager under 'accurender studio extras' in your windows panel and select the last update to install. You will be prompted to install accurender again. Allow it. It will take sometime depending on the network and your system.

Where is the update manager? On the site or the accustiostudio UI?

I am using version

Found it. Ran it, still working nothing new yet. Still waiting. 

After two timeout, final got the update on the 3rd try. Working on AutoCad 2021.

Thank you all.

NXT RENDER detected all maps, so also Accustudio render plugin in AutoCAD, but Accustudio Standalone saw no maps so I had to manually point to the direction of the map each material.

Is there a way to do it once and for all? 

Still cannot write an ARsecene file from inside AutoCad but running AccuRenderStudio from inside AutoCad creates it automatically and I can plug the standalone version to it to render it. 

AccuRenderStudio standalone renders fastest and Nxt render slowest.

AutoCad 2021 and AccuRenderStudio  1.0.303.0




To write an ArScene file from the AutoCAD plugin load the scene and use the

File->Save Scene As... option from the menu on the AccuRender Studio palette.  The ArScene command no longer exists.  The file should include all of the materials including texture maps.

Good day Akin,

I also just installed accurender studio for autocad 2020 but after loading materials for my scene, the render setup window remained frozen.

How can i correct this error.

I do know that it takes a while for ARS (AccuRenderStudio) to start after after clicking on the icon if you are running the standalone. BUt it does not freeze on my end. Maybe it is taking time to load the material on your end. You share a simple scene for me to try at my end.

These I believe show up at the opening of the drawing but do not prevent the applications (plugins)  from running. From what I see too, Accurender 3 must have being installed at a point in time and removed, but there are still references to it.




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