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Is Co-Motion still around and does it work with nXt Render?

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Hi Mike,

Yes, I appreciate there are better ways of doing it, but time and cost won't allow me to go down those routes.

I've tried a number of times to load and run, reload and run, reload and run, to no avail.

If you find a solution, please post it here.

Ich habe hier sowohl comotion unter Acad 2011 aks auch testweise unter Acad2015 am laufen.

Es läuft damt sehr gut, aber leider nicht unter Acad 2017. Habe ich testweise (30Tage) versucht und keine Funktion.

I have both comotion under Acad 2011, testweise run here aks under Acad2015 on.

It runs damt very good, but unfortunately not Acad 2017. I have a test basis (30days) tried and no function.

It looks like I had a small bust in the old install file for the older versions of AutoCAD. I just posted a new build/install file. I haven't added anything to the code, so it is the functions as Build 014. Just support through AutoCAD 2017. You download the latest at

Fantastic! Thanks Daniel, it works now.

Okay, maybe I'm doing something wrong.

I'm trying to animate an object by moving it along a path.

However, when I click on "Select Object" I get this error message pop up

I don't have objects hooked up. I believe it was next on the "To Do" list.

Okay, I'll wait for that one then.

At least it wasn't me being stupid.

Not at all :) Between my health, big move and Family. A lot of things got placed to the side. coMotion was one of them. I need to find my programming notes and pickup where I left off to get Objects running.

I have now synonymous times Comotion 014 downloaded and installed.
Under Acad 2015 it runs, but under Acad 2017 no function.
What am I doing wrong?

Ich habe hier jetzt auch mal Comotion 014 heruntergeladen und installiert.
Unter Acad 2015 läuft es, aber unter Acad 2017 keine Funktion.
Was mache ich da falsch?

What happens in AutoCAD 2017 if you type OPENDCL at the command prompt?

Hi Daniel
Commotion is now running and I am totally excited. Have Opendcl reloaded and everything is good.
Will there be new additional features in Comotion?

Hallo Daniel
Commotion läuft jetzt und ich bin total begeistert. Habe Opendcl neu geladen und alles ist gut.
Wird es in Comotion auch noch mal neue zusätzliche Funktionen geben?




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