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With NXT, can you still render in 'AutoCAD View'? i.e. rendered 2D elevation.

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Not exactly sure what you're asking.  The rendering always takes place in it's own window-- although it does duplicate the AutoCAD view exactly.  2d rendering and orthographic projections do work, although there are occasional problems.  Perspective is preferred.

Hi Paul & Roy,


I have a question along the same lines and that is, is it possible to render a window? rather like plotting a window, as I would like to render a portion of my drawing. If that make sense...

There is a region render option in WalkAbout that allows you to select a portion of the WalkAbout view for rendering.

Thanks Roy, found it!

Yes, I tend to render a lot of 2D elevations (in AR4 at the moment), taken from3D models I have already built. Therefore saves time and you have coloured, shadowed elevations.

It shouldn't be an issue in nXt. I made the switch from AR4 not that long ago and haven't had an issue making 2D elevations in nXt. The attached was made in nXt.


Rendering a current orthographic, viewport from AitoCad does this, while from the walkabout selecting, "two point perspective" works too. 

As far as I remeber, Ar3 and 4 could get autocad views as they were saved in views settings. Yes, it is possible to set current acad view in the walkabout, but it is always a perspective view. If I save a front view in acad (see pic 1), then walkabout doesn't recognize it (see pic 2). This was possible in Ar3. Also, I would apreciate very much a sort of visual help to tistinguish walkabout movements from flyover ones, as there was in Ar3. It might be a sort of viewcube with some more graphics within the walkabout window.

Should you click the big green car in nxt UI you get to render the current AutoCad directly.

Also on the main tab of the walkabout menu you have motion with to options of walkthrough and flyover.

Yes Aki, I know that it is possible to render directly into the acad window by clicking the green car. I was just focusing the attention to the fact that walkabout window only accepts perspective views. Even if you get any orthographic views from acad, it shows in perspetcive. For the walkabout settings, I do loved the feet and arrows of ar3, which were to me more immediate to understand.

Lots of things I love about AR3 too, the cameras for one, saving assignments etc




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